First Date Outfits Guys Love for Thick Black Women


I’ve been thick my entire life. Before it became I trend, I was the high schooler with hips and a butt dancing to Fatty Girl. It was hard to navigate because clothes were hard to find with a waist way smaller than your hips and butt. Even when you got your size, it would still be extremely fitted and could be viewed as you trying to draw attention when really you just didn’t have access to clothes that actually fit. Thankfully, these days offer way more options. Finding¬†first date outfits that guys love is way easier nowadays with websites like Shein, PrettyLittleThings, FashionNova, and Missguided.

The harder part is presenting a great first impression. You want an outfit that says you’re stylish but you’re not trying too hard. You want to feel comfortable but also like you could make him fall in love at first sight. I asked a few men what they like to see a woman in on the first date. There was a common thread in their responses. Here are the top 3 tips from men regarding first date outfits.

An outfit that fits

Most men stated they prefer a dress or jeans that fit. This doesn’t mean wearing something tight, just something that shows your curves.

Something comfortable 

If you don’t like dresses, don’t wear a dress. If you don’t like heels, don’t wear heels. Wear what you are comfortable in so you aren’t self-conscious all night. Being uncomfortable limits how much you can actually enjoy the date.

Something authentic to your everyday life

This was the top answer. Men want women to dress as authentically as possible. Dress in a way that you can maintain throughout the relationship. Don’t go get a full face of makeup at Sephora and hire a stylist on your first date if it’s not something you can maintain. Be authentic so he can see the true you. Be the best version of yourself on the first date.

Skirt Set

You can dress it up with heels or dress it down with tennis shoes and a jean jacket. A skirt set is a simple go-to first date outfit guys love.

first date outfits guys love

Jeans & Heels Combo

You don’t have to go shopping for this one because you already have it in your closet. Every girl has a pair of flattering jeans. Throw those on with a graphic tee or blouse paired with heels and get ready to wow him on the first date.

first date outfits guys love

Fitted Dress

Every woman needs a fitted dress that flatters her shape. It screams confidence and will make you feel unstoppable.

first date outfits guys love


I love a good jumpsuit. It’s comfortable, cute, and doesn’t require much thought. All you need is some cute accessories and a nice show that complements the jumpsuit.

first date outfits guys love

Fatigue Pants

Fatigue pants work well in all seasons. They’re super versatile and great at flattering your curves.

first date outfits guy love


Leggings can be great for any occasion. You could be going to dinner, a movie, or bowling, and your best leggings will be perfect for either or.

first date outfits guys love

Outfit Ideas for Tennis Shoes

I actually don’t like wearing heels so I have to show you ways to be very cute with sneakers. Here are ways you can pair the previous outfits mentioned with tennis shoes.

first date outfits guys lovefirst date outfits guys love

first date outfits guys love

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