20 Love Affirmations for Single Women Losing Hope


If you’re like me, you’ve been single for a while. I’m not sure when you’re reading this but at this current time, I have been single for almost six years. I have had dozens of failed talking stages and I have been ghosted, stood up, lied to, gaslit, and more. If anyone knows what it feels like to lose hope when you’re single, it’s me. That’s why I felt a post on love affirmations for single women losing hope was past due.

For some reason, people don’t give us much compassion. It’s like we’re either getting blamed for our single status or being aggressively coached on how to get a man which alludes to there being something wrong with us. I recently recorded a podcast entitled A Letter From the Single Woman expressing my grievances with the treatment of single women. It’s very discouraging at times. But I don’t want to dwell on the negative aspects of being single in this post. I want to speak to your heart and let you know that I understand firsthand how you feel. I know what it feels like to wonder if there’s something wrong with you or if you’ll die single. These love affirmations will help you remove those negative thoughts and begin to think more positively about your love life and yourself. Repeat these every day for 30 days and watch your hope grow.

Love Affirmations

  1. I am worthy of a healthy love. 

  2. I am not flawed or damaged, I am beautiful and desirable.

  3. I am living an abundant life filled with love. 

  4. The right man will find me and love me properly.

  5. Love surrounds me and the love I desire is on its way. 

  6. I am not asking for too much, love has no limits. 

  7. I love myself and it illuminates and attracts the right people to me.

  8. I am ready for love.

  9. I am happy and content with my life. 

  10. I am capable of receiving a healthy love that will last a lifetime. 

  11. Love comes easily to me. 

  12. I will be in a happy and healthy relationship soon. 

  13. I am easy to love. 

  14. I am releasing my negative past and embracing my positive future. 

  15. I am confident in what I have to offer.

  16. People can’t help but to fall in love with me.  

  17. I love myself unconditionally and I am attracting a love that will love me unconditionally. 

  18. Love follows me everywhere I go. 

  19. I will never stop believing in the love I desire. 

  20. I exhale loneliness and inhale genuine love. 

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