5 Discreet Signs He is Slowly Falling for You


I recently learned that I am a horrible flirt. This made me sort of sad because I have wasted all these years thinking I was throwing major hints to my crushes that I wanted them. All the while, they just thought I was a good person. Who knows how many opportunities I missed out on?! Here I am thinking I’m a flirtatious all-star just to realize I’m just the awkward nice girl. Oh well, you live and you learn right?

Although my flirting abilities need work, my discernment is incredible. I know when a man likes me, lusts for me, or seriously wants to pursue me. This knowledge is very important because if you’re like me and you suck at flirting, you may want to just let the guy know that you’re interested in him directly. You don’t have to be all aggressive about it and tell him he’s your man now. But you can say something like you enjoy hanging out with him. A lot of men are afraid of being rejected so dropping a hint will be helpful. You can lay the groundwork and allow him to close the deal. But the last thing you want to do is drop a hint on a guy that has no interest in you. That’s just a level of embarrassment I don’t want for you. But you won’t have to worry about that because you’ll know that he likes you. Here are 5 discreet signs he is slowly falling for you.

5) He looks you in your eyes…

This is so cliche but it is the most obvious one of them all. If he looks you in your eyes for a long period of time, he definitely wants more than friendship. No man is staring deeply into the eyes of a woman he isn’t attracted to. Men are shallow beings and the last thing they want is for a woman to get the wrong idea. So if he’s gazing, then he sees something he likes.

4) His communication is consistent…

When I say communication, I am not referring to the buttholes who “wyd” you to death or who literally only send you good morning and goodnight texts every day and that’s it. I’m talking about real conversation. He reaches out to you randomly and just starts a conversation about nothing in particular. It could be a meme he saw online or a random life question he decided to just ask you because he wants to talk to you. If he is taking time out of his schedule to talk to you about random thoughts of randomness, then he values your conversation and values you as well.

3) He talks about his love life…

Many women think that if a man is opening up about his love life, then that mean he isn’t interested in you because why would he be telling you about other women? You’re sadly mistaken, my dear. Men who don’t want to be with you speak very vaguely about their love life. They won’t tell you about their ex or the type of women they like or their years of being a player. Most men will mention their sexcapades because they want to test the waters to see if you’re down. But a man telling you his full history of his love life most likely means he wants you to be a part of his love story.

2) He compliments things most people don’t notice…

Physically, we know our strengths. For me, I get complimented on my physique quite often as well as my hair. Those kinds of things are a given because everyone can see that stuff. But what about the stuff no one really notices? I had a guy compliment me on my drive and ambition and it caught me off guard because it let me know he was paying attention. Most men aren’t looking that hard so if a man is noticing stuff that only your friends or family mention about you, then he’s paying attention. This is a sign that he is slowly falling for you.

1)He gives you access…

Have you ever had a male friend that gave you access to everything? You had a key to his house, his phone code, a key to his car, etc. Men don’t give women they don’t care about access to everything. Let’s take this deeper though because I have some very close male friends who give me access but I’m like a sister to them. What separates them from the guy who likes you romantically? The emotional access separates them. On top of having access to the physical stuff, they give you access to their hearts too. They are very vulnerable with you expressing their flaws and their regrets. They even tell you their fears. If he is giving you access to his vulnerability, then you have access to his heart as well.


Reading men can be tricky but I hope these 5 signs he is slowly falling for you have helped. I’ve had my share of confusing scenarios trying to figure out if I was in the friend zone or the romance zone. Understanding the discreet signs that a guy likes you can truly help you avoid confusing yourself and embarrassing yourself. If all these signs apply to your situation, I hope you’re courageous enough to express how you feel. I see a great cuffing season in your future.


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