20 Solo Date Ideas in Atlanta


On New Year’s Eve, I went to a fancy house in the Carolina mountains with a group of friends. During this time, we enjoyed several conversations on dating, relationships, and mental health. One topic that stood out was self-dating.

Self-Dating: Releasing self-pity and embarrassment and embracing singleness by taking yourself to do the things you love and enjoy solo.

I get it, this sounds desperate and boring. But honestly, that’s just because society has literally conditioned us into believing that if you’re alone that means you’re miserable. I know so many people (I’m people) that enjoy the solace of just going on a solo date. Not only does it allow you the space to learn the things that refuel you as well as bring you joy, but it also positions you to meet new people and practice social skills.
Social media has really stunted a lot of people’s personalities. I don’t know about you but in my free time, I’m getting cute and running to the nearest restaurant or movie theater to enjoy some much-needed time outside of the walls of my apartment. And if you’re wondering what you should do when you get there, just live in the moment. Talk to the bartender or waitress, look around and people watch, smile, and make eye contact with someone cute across the room. Don’t overthink it, just do it.
If you’re in Atlanta, I’m doing the heavy lifting for you. Here are 20 solo date ideas in Atlanta.
  1. Botanical Gardens
  2. The Battery
  3. Ponce City Market Rooftop
  4. Cru Lounge
  5. Local Cigar Bar
  6. The Garden Room Bar
  7. The Sugar Factory
  8. Museum of High Art
  9. Museum of Civil and Human Rights
  10. World of Coca Cola
  11. Wine Tasting and Charcuterie Boards
  12. Ice Skating
  13. Sunday nights at Cascade
  14. The Belt-line for Walking or Bike Riding
  15. Hiking at Roswell Mill Waterfall, Stone Mountain or The Bamboo Forest
  16. Trap Karaoke
  17. Eclipse di Luna
  18. Little Alley Steakhouse
  19. Kimpton Sylvan Hotel
  20. The Regent Cocktail Club

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