6 Ways To Boost Your Self- Confidence When You’re Single


Some people love the experience of being single. It’s an opportunity to find yourself, gain independence, have fun, and work on personal development. Others find themselves longing for a new relationship, and find that the lack of one affects their self-confidence. Here are 6 ways to boost self-confidence while you’re single.

1 . Express more gratitude 

When you’re focusing on what you’re lacking in your life, you may be overlooking all the positive things that you have. One study by Robert A. Emmons concluded that ‘gratitude effectively increases happiness and reduces depression.’ This year, why not challenge yourself to write a gratitude diary, and write down at least three things that you are grateful for each day.

2. The classic makeover

Now this one might not be for everyone, but when some of us are lacking a bit of confidence, what we need is the classic girly makeover. Treat yourself to some cute outfits, sexy lingerie, or a new hairstyle. Experiment with a new lipstick shade, or indulge in a manicure. Taking the time to give yourself a makeover is a fun way to practice self-care.

3. Seek inspiration

Feeling like your confidence is a little low? Need some inspirational ideas to give yourself a boost? There are so many great motivational tools out there, whether it’s podcasts, apps, or self-development books. To make a start, try these:

  • Confidence & Self Esteem Podcast: For anyone looking to improve their self-esteem and confidence, this is a fabulous tool. Here you’ll find plenty of inspirational stories and motivational advice.
  • Single Woman Chronicles: Helping women see single as a season for growth rather than a season of sadness. Instead of thinking of all the ways being single sucks, this podcast helps you look at the bright side.
  • Put Yourself First: This podcast is dedicated to giving women the tools they need to gain confidence, self-esteem, and reach their goals. If you’re looking to live your best life, and achieve your dreams, be sure to tune in. It’s handy to have a notepad at the ready, to jot down your favorite tips.

4. Don’t put too much pressure on dating

Whether you enjoy dating or it’s become a bit of a chore, it’s important not to put too much pressure on it. Putting pressure on yourself to meet the right person, can end up stressing you out and wrecking your confidence. When you’re not enjoying dating, it’s important to take a break, focus on yourself, and embrace being single.

5. Focus on a new project 

Try focusing on a new project, whether it’s career-related or a new hobby. Trying new things that will benefit your self-development is a great way to boost your confidence. When you branch out and try new hobbies you’ll also expand your social circles.

6. Nurture your friendships

Romantic relationships aren’t the only relationships that can help you to experience joy. Take more time to nurture your friendships, or to make new friends. Life can allow us to have so many amazing experiences, and it’s often when you’re by yourself that you have the time to go out and find them!

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