Single Woman Chronicles: An Atlanta Love Story…Kinda

Arianna has been desperately chasing love and tripping over her feet every step of the way. She finally meets a man who she thinks will catch her but will she fall into his arms or get caught in his lies?  

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Dating in Atlanta is a struggle, and Arianna knows all too well. She is a beautiful, 28-year-old successful entrepreneur who has everything but what she really wants: A MAN. She feels doomed to be single forever after dealing with an ex that abandoned her and baby momma drama.

She thinks God has cursed her until she meets Maurice; a charmingly handsome investor who sweeps her off her feet. She wants to give him her all, but doesn’t want to move too quickly and fall into yet another “situationship” and be left heartbroken. After dealing with a city full of f boys and men who don’t take love seriously, how can she really know if what she has with Maurice is real? Could this be a love story? Or a story of continuous heartbreak and unintentional dating mistakes?

You be the judge, as you journey through Arianna’s Single Woman Chronicles.

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Arianna just got the wind knocked out of her by some crushing news. Mo not only has a baby on the way, but he also gave Arianna something shell never forget, and wont want to remember. But love doesnt just go away overnight. Arianna must figure out if she should stick it out and fight for Mo, or choose to walk away from the guy she gave her all to. Mo is preparing to be a father while also stuck in a love triangle with Arianna and his unexpected baby momma, Stacy.

Will he fight for Arianna, or try to create a family with the mother of his child? Chaotic confusion clouds the judgement of both Arianna and Mo as they try to figure out if they should keep fighting for their connection or throw in the towel. Will this end in happily ever after, or yet another story of heartbreak, baby mommas, and situationships?

about SWC

Ashleigh Guice is a blogger and the author of How to X Your Ex: A Guide to Getting Past Unhealthy Relationships. She is the creator and editor of The blog stemmed from Ashleigh’s desire to give an uncut opinion of the dating world from a woman’s point of view. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

— Ashleigh