Are you a single woman who has been waiting for love for years and wondering if you’ll be alone forever?

Are you wondering if you’re the problem because every dating scenario turns out the same?

Have you fully given up on finding love due to how awful dating has been to you? 

Have you decided to stop believing in love for fear that you’ll just get hurt again

Are you tired of hearing people tell you to just love yourself and focus on you then love will find you? 

Are you just exhausted from waiting on God to send you your husband and at this point, you feel like God isn’t listening to you and your husband will never come? 

Join the Embrace the Wait Challenge!

This isn’t just a program; these are the revolutionary keys to shifting from the misery of waiting to acceptance and contentment. Through 4 powerful webinars and daily journal entries, you’ll emerge with joy and dating mastery.

In 28 weeks, you'll receive...

Journaling is a powerful tool for healing, self-discovery, and uncovering emotional blindspots. That’s why I have created an Ebook filled with 28 journal prompts to guide you through this challenge. I want to help you take practical steps toward embracing your wait and understanding how to apply these principles to real life circumstances. Each entry serves as a stepping stone toward a renewed sense of self and a redefined path to waiting for love.

Join a community of extraordinary women in the Embrace the Wait exclusive Facebook Group. This private haven is where connections are formed, experiences are shared, and support is found. Celebrate triumphs, discuss challenges, and forge lasting bonds with like-minded individuals embarking on a parallel journey. I often pop in with a message or to respond to questions as well as celebrate triumphs with you.

Delve into crucial aspects of your journey with our series of four powerful webinars, each designed to guide you through essential topics:

  • Principles of Waiting Well

Learn the art of waiting with intention and purpose. No more will your wait be filled with frustration and resentment. You will learn the fundamentals of waiting patiently and learning to find ways to enjoy your single season.

  • Building Unshakable Self-Worth While Single

Society is constantly making single women feel inadequate and/or flawed due to a relationship status. It is important to build a foundation of unshakable self-worth so you don’t settle and you wait for God’s best. Explore the secrets to building and sustaining self-worth during your single season.

  • Guarding Your Heart While Dating

Waiting for love does not mean you’re twiddling your fingers waiting for your husband to pop up on your doorstep. You can date but you want to date wisely so you can continue to guard your heart. Equip yourself with tools to navigate the complexities of dating while protecting your heart. Learn to discern genuine connections and establish healthy boundaries.

  • Maintaining Hope in Love

Waiting past your expected end can discourage you and make you want to give up on finding love. That’s why it’s important to understand how to maintain hope after disappointments. Conclude the journey with a powerful session on maintaining hope in love. Cultivate a vision for your future relationships, fortified by the lessons learned and the resilience gained during the Embrace the Wait Challenge.

Prayer is a powerful companion on your journey, providing solace, guidance, and a connection to your inner strength. Each of the 28 days, you’ll receive a heartfelt prayer directly to your email inbox.

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What happens when you embrace the wait?

Reduced anxiety surrounding your love life

Before I embraced the wait, I was constantly questioning if I would be alone forever. The “Embrace the Wait” Challenge offers a new perspective, whispering that love is happening in this lifetime, and hope is your anchor. The result? A mindset shift and a significant reduction in anxiety.

Attracting better men and reducing dating disappointments 

Waiting for love can be exhausting, leading to picking low-hanging fruit out of loneliness. This challenge equips you with confidence and tools to pick from an abundance mindset, increasing your dating resilience and minimizing disappointments.

Eliminate your need for external validation

Being single often comes with negative rhetoric that can make you feel self-conscious. It can cause you to feel flawed, blame yourself, and wonder if your life is incomplete just because you’re single. Embracing the wait means no longer caring about others’ opinions, embracing your single season with confidence, and not seeking external validation for your worth

No more chasing love, you attract 

Feeling like you’re running out of time can lead to anxiously pursuing love. Embracing the wait shifts this mindset, instilling confidence that you are a great catch. You’ll attract genuine connections and experience the dating process, no longer chasing love desperately.

Clarity on what needs to be done while you wait 

One of the hardest parts about waiting is not knowing what to do while you wait. During this challenge, you will uncover ways to have a fulfilling life while single. No longer will you question your journey and feel as if your wait is in vain. Instead, you will have clarity and understanding about your next steps.

Confidence that God has NOT forgotten about you

Over time, waiting may make you doubt if love will ever happen. Embracing the wait instills confidence that God’s timing is perfect. You’ll no longer ask to remove the desire for love but will be ready to embrace it when it comes.

Ready to transform your waiting season?

Don't just take my word for it. Hear what participants have to say...

"I was feeling stuck until after one conversation with Ashleigh."

When I say Ashleigh is the real deal, I mean that! I have been using single season to pursue my purpose but I was feeling stuck until after one conversation with Ashleigh. Her way of thinking and ideas helped me fill in the gaps to becoming more successful and content in being single. The value she gives is priceless! Thank you so much Ashleigh for just being genuine and extremely helpful!
Lala Bradbord
Speaker & Coach

"Ashleigh taught me that being single is the time to learn how to choose better"

For the longest time I thought being single was a punishment. That I was doing something wrong that no one would want me and I had to prove myself to be “worthy”Tuh. A lie. When I realized that being single was a blessing it changed my perspective. Ashleigh taught me that being single is the time to learn how to choose better and choose from a healthy place. Ashleigh’s challenge helped to identify how and why the choices I made in the past were unhealthy and how not to repeat that in the future.
Brittany L Smith

"After going through her program I learned that though we are flawed, we are still enough."

After following Ashleigh almost since the inception of SWC, I was so excited when she finally dropped her challenge. As always in Divine Time and Order I needed this right when she launched and it helped tremendously through my healing journey. After going through her challenge I learned that though we are flawed, we are still enough. Though we have wounds, we can still heal and though the dating market has changed, there’s still hope.
Regine Theodore
Holistic Business Coach


Is this challenge suitable for people of all ages and relationship statuses?

  • This challenge is most suitable for adult women who may have encountered discouragement in their romantic endeavors and are looking to rekindle hope in their love lives. While it primarily addresses single women, those who find themselves dissatisfied in their current relationships can also benefit from the insights offered. The ultimate objective is to cultivate confidence and assurance, regardless of one’s relationship status or circumstances.

How does the challenge work?

  • This 28-day challenge included weekly webinars every Monday, daily journal entries that will help you dive deep emotionally, and a community of women to support you. Aside from the guided webinars held every Monday, the program is largely self-paced. Those who wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to this process will reap the greatest benefits.

What can I expect from the weekly sessions?

  • Every Monday night webinar will revolve around a specific theme. During this time, I will provide insight tailored to the theme and equip you with practical tools to apply what you’ve acquired. Additionally, each Monday night webinar will conclude with a dedicated Q&A session for any inquiries you may have.

What makes Embrace the Wait different from other challenges?

  • Unlike most challenges aimed at single women that often address surface-level issues, Embrace the Wait delves deep into the core of your challenges as a single woman. Instead of suggesting what you should change to attract a partner, this challenge acknowledges your existing value as an outstanding catch. Its purpose is to help you discover the remarkable woman you already are and show you how to cultivate happiness and self-worth in your present life, ultimately leading you to the love you desire. This challnge centers around shifting your mindset toward a more joyful one, enabling you to realize that you already possess the tools to become the best version of yourself, which, in turn, will naturally attract the ideal love for you.

What if I have scheduling conflicts with the live sessions?

  • If you are unable to attend a live Monday night session, replays will be accessible throughout the entire 4-week program. However, once the program concludes, access to the Monday night sessions will no longer be available.

Hi hon, I’m Ashleigh!

I’m a singles coach, author, and blogger. 

I started Single Woman Chronicles in my early 20s when I was frustrated with always being “the single friend”. I hated being single because I felt no one ever chose me. Since then, I’ve gotten my Master’s of Positive Psychology and done tons of inner work to gain perspective on my dating setbacks.

During my journey, I’ve learned to value of being single and I want to share my insight with you.