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Yes, His Baby Momma Really Crashed Our Date

by Friday, January 6, 2017

I have been sharing my dating horror stories for the past few weeks and it seems that my readers love a good fuckboy story. Well one of my lovely followers shared one of her stories with me I just had to share it. Nesha was minding her own business on a date with this “single” man and his baby momma decided to crash the party. Here’s how it all went down…

So I met this guy in Target and he asked me out. Of course he told me he was single so I was down. I should have known shit wasn’t right when he made me a love mix cd. 😳 (Wayment…people still make mixed CDs? He’s a bootlegger. You should’ve asked him what he does for a living.) He plans the date and tells me to be ready by a certain time and he would pick me up. That was impressive because most men these days will tell you to meet them at the restaurant or come to their house. I thought I was dealing with a real man.

He picks me up and I’m geeked! The ride to the restaurant was great because we vibed to the music and had some great conversation. I felt like this would be a perfect evening. When we pulled up to the restaurant  it was packed. We decide to sit at the bar because we didn’t want to wait. While we were looking at our menus and placing our drink orders, I noticed a young lady come in and sit with the two guys at the table behind us. She stuck out to me because her hair was cute. I didn’t think anything of the woman with the nice hair sitting behind us because I thought she was just there to meet her people. Little did I know that she was plotting her devious plan of destruction.

We put our drink orders in and we began our conversation. All of a sudden, the lady with the nice hair rushes over to the bar where we’re sitting. Her demeanor said she was about to fuck somebody up but I knew it wasn’t me because I didn’t know this lady. She then walks straight up to my date and begins to go all the way off on him. She is cursing him OUT.

“I followed yawl here! How could you do this to me? The mother of your child?! The woman who you claim to love!”

Say what now? This fool told me he was single. Now I’m over here looking dumbfounded while this angry lady with nice hair is trying to fight him. It gets so bad that we were escorted out of the restaurant into the parking lot. The managers even came out and of course the nosey onlookers were outside too with their camera phones. She wouldn’t stop so they had to call the cops and I had to call a ride because I let that fool pick me up. 

Wow…Now that is something you don’t hear everyday. Well the moral of the story is never date the bootleg man. He’s obviously a bootlegger because who else still has the technology to make a mixed CD?

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