When Two Become…Two? How A Single Mindset Could Strengthen Your Relationship


Despite what many would have you believe, single women can be strong, content, and, dare we say, happy? In a world which seems geared towards couples, it’s surprisingly easy to find your feet as a single woman. Many of us would even say that we’re at our best without a man by our sides.

The trouble is that many of us let go of that strength the moment we get into a relationship. The strongest single women can become simpering messes the moment a man comes into their lives. Suddenly, they’re incapable of making choices, and they’re all about ‘two becoming one’. But, this is rarely the best way to go. In reality, your relationship is sure to be stronger if you keep some of your single mindset. That’s not to say that you can carry on hooking up with whoever. But, keeping your apartment and not being afraid to spend time alone could help your relationship in the following ways.

You’ll find an equal footing

Many relationships fall apart due to inequality. While women once had no choice but to lean on their men, few of us would feel comfortable doing that now. What’s more, being financially or emotionally reliant on anyone can be terrible. A partner could prey on this situation and take advantage. They may start to be derogatory towards you, or become complacent because you ‘need them.’ That’s no recipe for a happy relationship. Luckily, it’ll never happen if you keep paying your mortgage, and take comfort in your girlfriends instead of your man from time to time.

Everything will be simpler

We’ve all made the mistake of entirely entwining with our partners in the past. And, guess what? It never ends well. A break up is messy enough, let alone when you’re all tied up. Even something as simple as who pays what can be complicated if you merge your finances. By comparison, a single mindset is sure to help. That’s not to say you and your man can never go in for things together. But, you may want to keep your bank accounts separate so that you know precisely who’s paid what. This can save you from arguments, and even prevent the need for marital property mediation as offered by the Law Office of Shelly M. Ingram, LLC if things get bad. Instead, you’ll be able to look at your single bank statements and know who put what where. It’s a simple step, but it can make a huge difference.

You’ll always be the person they fell in love with

At the very least, holding onto some of your single mindset can ensure you’re always the person your partner fell in love with. The chances are that they noticed you because you were a fiesty and powerful single woman. If you become a simpering, needy girlfriend a month down the line, things could fall apart. By retaining some level of independence, you stay true to you and make your relationship better as a result.


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