What to Do When Looking for Love Online


“The goal isn’t to find someone to love you completely, it is to find someone who accepts you completely but still loves you.”

In this day and age, if you’re still only trying to find a date when you go out for the night with your group of friends, you’re limiting yourself. We live in a society of movers and shakers who have very little time to go out and find love, it has become easier to search for your mate by clicking on an app in your phone. Gone are the days where online dating was a nuisance, today it has become somewhat a necessity. More people are connecting online than they are at work or in the grocery store. Technology has made the days of approaching a person of interest in public extinct, and liking a dozen photos on social media the new normal. This doesn’t have to intimidate you, it isn’t as bad as it seems. You just need a strategy to approach this thing. If you’re ready to start your journey to online love, here is your guide to looking for love online. 

Lay it all out

With any online dating site, even the most unique like Muslim Dating, you will be asked to fill in your profile. Much like a social media account, you’re just writing a few things that would paint a picture for anyone reading as to what you’re about. Do not try to be someone you are not. Eventually if you do, it will show and it will be an embarrassing moment for you and the person who you have made contact with. It’s a little daunting but you have to be totally honest and lay it all out there. If you have something physically wrong, like a chipped tooth or a mole, don’t hide it. You never know who will find the beauty in your flaws if you don’t reveal them. You’re far more likely to attract someone who will care for you when being honest than hiding your true self. Faking it gets exhausting. The goal isn’t to find someone to love you completely, it is to find someone who accepts you completely but still loves you.

“It is human nature to be so aroused by someone externally that you fail dig deeper internally.”

Do not photoshop

On Instagram, you can see all the people in the world that are wanting to be loved for their looks. However, the majority of the people that are “instagram stars” have professionals that touch up their photos. Eventually these people are exposed and they lose a lot of trust with their fans. In this day and age, it seems as though this culture is the norm. However, on dating sites photoshopping your images and editing how your body looks is going to end up breaking your heart. When the right person comes along, they will want to meet you in person. You’ll see the disappointment on their face when they realize you lied to them. What could have been a brilliant relationship and possibly a blooming love story, turns out to be wrecked before it got going. Just be honest about your looks and someone who really finds your attractive will contact you.  You may think they will love you for your awesome personality rather than your looks when they finally see the real you but they won’t because the relationship was built off of a lie. Just tune into MTV and watch the show Catfish, it’ll show you how dishonesty pans out. 

Don’t just look at the photos

It is human nature to be so aroused by someone externally that you fail dig deeper internally. When searching online for a mate, it is okay to click on everyone you find the most attractive. Usually, the picture is the biggest thing on any dating profile so that is what draw you to a person. But don’t put yourself in a shallow dating situation by viewing the picture only. Read their full description because you can learn a lot about someone by what they choose to write on their dating profile. If you’re looking for a relationship, it would be good to know if that’s what they’re looking for as well. If you took the time out to complete your profile because you are dedicated to the process of finding a good mate, it wouldn’t be wise to match with someone who has a cute face but left their profile blank. It says they may not want commitment, they just want something quick and easy. Photos are a great lead in but they can’t be the only deciding factor on your quest for a serious relationship.

Pay attention to red flags

Dating online is great but it is also easy for someone to pretend. You have to be very alert for any red flags that may occur. Will they give your their social media so you can follow them? Do they only message you during a certain time of they day? Does it seem like they are avoiding meeting with you? If your intuition says something is wrong, then listen to your gut. Even if they aren’t pretending to be someone they’re not, they could be hiding something like a whole wife or husband. Protect your heart by asking the real questions up front in hopes to avoid fakers and cheaters.

Hopefully this eases a little bit of your nervousness to start online dating. It is pretty much like normal dating but with more options and convenience. Just remember to be cautious and always meet in public places. But loosen up, your journey to finding love online will be fun, just trust the process.


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