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Trick Daddy Implies That Black Women are Perishable

by Thursday, October 27, 2016

A couple of days ago, Trick Daddy decided that it was a good idea to post a video telling black women to “tighten up” because Spanish and Caucasian women are beginning to look better than us. He went as far as to say that if they keep it up, there will be no need for us.


So initially I’m like “Who cares?! It’s Trick Daddy! He hasn’t had a hit since No Limit Soldiers were saying Uuuuhhhhh so his opinion is worthless. Then I was scrolling down my Facebook timeline and I came across this post:


The initial picture was tweeted and created by a black man. When I saw this, I really had no words. How dare two black men support the fact that because White and Spanish women have an ass that black women are no longer needed. The last time I checked, we weren’t a carton of milk with an expiration date that can be thrown out when you decide we aren’t good enough anymore. Black women aren’t perishable items that can replaced with something new or seemingly better. Men who think as ignorantly as Trick Daddy should ponder this.

When White women are aspiring to have big butts, flat tummies, and wide hips, where did that get that image from? A black woman. When these other races decide to put collagen in their lips to be more full, where did the idea of full lips come from? A black woman. All these other races are getting complimented for the way they braid their hair, the bodysuits they wear, and the way they move their hips to certain songs but where did that swag come from? A BLACK WOMAN.

These idiots can talk all day but what they don’t realize is that without the image of a black woman, none of these other races would be as appealing because we are the originators! Without our natural assets, grace, and flow, these women they are so in aw about would have nothing to pull from but the blandness of their own culture. So before saying that we need to tighten up and that we are no longer needed, recognize that without us there would be no them.

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