Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men


When did Valentine’s Day become monopolized by women? It seems like women are the only gender who cares about the holiday and benefit from it. I personally think it’s sad and V Day is for men too. Women constantly complain about how men aren’t romantic and they don’t think outside of the box but many women aren’t too helpful in showing them how. The best way to guide a man that isn’t the best at planning something romantic is to lead by example. If you want him to step his game up then you have to show him how. What better way to do it than by showing him a great Valentine’s Day? I am so tired of seeing men post memes about women giving them sex or wearing lingerie on Valentine’s Day. That is NOT a gift ladies. How would you feel if he paid the bills on Valentine’s Day and expected you to thank him? You would be upset. Just like you want something special on this special day, so do men.

I know you’re probably thinking “Men don’t even care about Valentine’s Day”. Most don’t because women have made it all about them when it shouldn’t be that way. I feel like this day is a day of love for both men and women. I think if your man isn’t excited about it, get him excited by getting him a great gift and making this day special. I guarantee if you change the narrative of this day by making him feel included and valued that he will forever be as excited about V Day as you are every year. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, I’ll help you. I did a Facebook poll on what men want for V Day and I got some great answers. Here are the top 5 Valentine’s Day gifts for men.

5) Clothes/Shoes…Just like women love a new outfit with matching shoes, so do men. You know what your man likes to wear so get him that. If he loves going to the gym, get him some basketball shorts and a pair of his favorite gym shoes. If he is always in a suit and tie, go to Express and get him some slacks and a nice shirt. If you don’t like the way he dresses, this is the perfect time to buy him an outfit you would love to see him in. Don’t go too far but make it something you like but something he will also be comfortable in. This is a win/win situation.

4) Cologne…I don’t know about you but I love a man that smells good. A guy that walks past me with a good fragrance can go from a 7 to a 9, real quick. This is why buying cologne for your guy is another win/win situation. Your man most likely has a favorite cologne so just do some investigating. If you don’t really know if he has a favorite fragrance or you just want to smell him in something new, do some shopping to see what scents you like. The men I polled name Dior Homme, Bond no 9, and Tom Ford as fragrances they like. This is a pretty simple but great gift for the guy in your life.

3) Jewelry…If this is your husband or long time boyfriend, I believe you can get him some jewelry. Men like watches, nice diamond earrings (or Swarovski crystals but NOT cubic zirconia, this is not a 2005 D4L Yep, in my White Tee video), or a nice chain. He has probably mentioned what he wants a few times so you just have to listen. You can also go look in his jewelry set to see what might be missing. You know him well enough to know what will make him happy but don’t be cheap. Buy something you’d appreciate as well.

2)Vacation…Look ladies, we are not the only ones who like vacations. Men want to be flewed out as well. It is off season for most warm places like Florida or Puerto Rico so check prices on Priceline or Bookit to see what kind of deals you can get. I remember going on a vacation to Miami and I only spent $500 on airfare and a hotel on the strip of South Beach for 2 people. It isn’t that expensive if you plan it right ladies. I am sure you will be greatly rewarded for your efforts and he will forever remember it.

1)To be your King for a Day…Okay ladies, I would strongly suggest this if and only if you are married. This is pulling out the big guns. I was actually shocked when I saw this listed by the men I asked. Several men supported this gift and seemed to be excited just thinking about it. Men love when we submit and they are able to feel like the leader. I remember an episode of The Jamie Foxx Show when Fancy dressed like a Caribbean mistress and served Jamie all day. He absolutely loved it so I can see why men want this gift. I think the best way to execute this is by strategic planning. When he wakes up on that day, you will already be up waiting on him and your first words will be

“Greetings my king, I am your servant for the day. Everything you need, I will provide. Here is your breakfast my king, what else would you like your servant to do for you today?”

Do you see why I said this is best for married couples? Most people struggle submitting even as a spouse so imagine trying to do this for your boyfriend. I just don’t feel he has earned this level of privilege yet but that’s just my opinion. But married ladies, I hope you consider it. The men specified that “my king” must be used for it to feel real. I think this will actually spruce up a marriage in a big way. I look forward to doing it for my future king.

Now that I’ve gotten the gift ideas for serious relationships and married couples out of the way, let me help the ladies that have “almost boos”. These are people who have been dating long enough to acknowledge Valentines Day but not long enough to get a big, emulate gift. You want to say “I care” but not “I love you”. Here are 3 gift ideas for your “almost boo”.

3) Candy…Men have a sweet tooth just like we do so candy is always a good option. You can get him a nice box of candy, not the kind that no one eats but one that has an edible selection. I would say add a card as well and write a personalized message that says something like

“I enjoy spending time with you and I just wanted to put a smile on your face.”

A simple gesture but it can go a long way.

2) Hoodie…Since women are forever stealing their guy’s hoodie and men love hoodies, I think this would be a great idea. A man specifically wrote this on the list when I asked what men want for V Day. Get him a regular Nike hoodie or a hoodie from his favorite sports team. This will show him that you are paying attention and you care. It can also be the hoodie you steal if you do become his girlfriend or wife in the future.

1)Food…Men will forever and always love food. You can choose to cook or you can deliver his favorite food to his house. If you haven’t been dating that long, I feel this is a good way to say you care. If you want to spruce it up, I say invite him over and tell him to dress up nice. You can do a candle lit setting and prepare a great meal or plate the takeout you ordered. Either way, he will greatly appreciate it.

I hope a few lucky men get the best V Day they’ve ever had because of this post. Ladies, we have to stop being lazy on this day because it isn’t just for us, it’s for them too. Step up your game and I guarantee you that he will step his up too.

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