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Top 5 Texts All Single Women Hate

by Thursday, May 26, 2016

“Men who text like this should all have their thumbs removed in order to keep them from ever texting again…”

5) Hey stranger

This text is usual from someone you really don’t want to hear from. It’s typically an ex that you hate or some random guy who used to always text you with monotonous conversation causing you to waste your unlimited text messages. These texts come when a man is bored, his main chick is mad at him, or you’re his last resort for sex and he is desperate. You can usually hit him with a “Who is this?” and that’ll help you get rid of him.

rolls eyes

4) Yea…ok….lol….oh okay (1 word responses)

Men who text like this should all have their thumbs removed in order to keep them from ever texting again. These men are usually just not interested in you or the conversation or they just have the communication skills of an unborn ant but either way, don’t waste your time.

3) You up?

The infamous “You up?” text that signifies that a booty call is among us. Now these text don’t suck all the time because sometimes, you may want to entertain the text because you were actually in the mood. But in nine times out of ten, you’re aggravated by this text.  You’re definitely up when you see the text and he knows this or else he wouldn’t have texted you. But you can politely respond…the next morning explaining to him that you just saw the text.

2) Come thru

So you want me to come over and you think “come thru” is efficient enough to persuade me to do so? Where in Thotland did you think this would work? Okay, I know if it didn’t work men wouldn’t try it. But as men, you know who is accepting of these texts and who isn’t. If you know she requires a certain level of courting before she decides to come over, why would you ruin all your progress by sending the “come thru” text? Just text the woman who isn’t offended by this message and save your best game for the woman who needs more effort. That advice was free, please use it. You’re welcome!


1) Send me a Pic

I dream of upper cutting every man who sends me this text. I really do get super irritated. The reason I am annoyed is because

  • I have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and an entire website. If you want a picture, go screenshot it or save it.
  • If you want to see my face, ask to see me. Why ask for a picture when you can see the real thing live and in color?

Oh so you wanted a “picture for just you?” Well sir if you have to ask for it, you’re not special enough to receive it so STOP ASKIN

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