Top 5 First Date Makeup Mistakes


First dates are very important when you are serious about meeting someone and settling down. (If you’re a food digger then this post isn’t for you.) You have to make sure your outfit says sexy but classy so he won’t try to smash on the first night. You have to make sure your hair is flawless and your tracks aren’t showing. You have to choose the right shoes so you aren’t taller than him or your feet don’t hurt by the end of the night. Then there’s the makeup; by far one of the most important factors on your first date. You want to look perfect so you spend plenty of time on your makeup but you don’t want to look too done up because it could say you’re trying too hard. Well there are thousands of innocent victims suffering from first date makeup mistakes every single day. Their first mistake is failing to think about how men perceive makeup. Most men claim to hate makeup. Many men don’t even realize that most of the women they’re lusting over in the  media wear makeup every single day. For that reason, the more natural the better so for your first date less is more. I teamed up with makeup artist Andrea Bridges to get the inside scoop on what mistakes to avoid making when getting all dolled up for your first date.

Mistake 5 – Transferable foundation…

Have you ever been out and hugged a guy just to look up and see your entire face print on his collar? I’m guilty so don’t be embarrassed. When you go on a first date, you want to make sure you powder the hell out of your face so you don’t transfer your makeup to the beautiful shirt this man decided to wear for you. Try to avoid heavy foundation because one hug and it’s over. It’ll also help you if you guys end up in humidity and you start to sweat. The last thing you need is for your face to melt on your clothes. Relax on the foundation and just cover your blemishes with a little concealer and possibly use a light powder foundation or just one gentle coat of liquid with plenty of setting powder.

Mistake 4 – Too much eyeshadow…

Men don’t understand makeup so don’t make it a topic of conversation. If you come to your first date with a smokey eye like you’re going to a red carpet event, it will be highly distracting. Save that for when he takes you somewhere exclusive. If you walk in the Red Lobster with a cut crease then it’s likely that he’ll be staring at your eyelids all night totally ignoring your man winning dimples.

Mistake 3 – Contour madness…

If you’re unrecognizable after you contour your face, then you need to go to the runway not your first date. A man wants to see how your face really looks. He wants to know what he can expect after the makeup comes off. If you take off your makeup and he gives you the Smokey and Craig “Dddaaaammmmnnnnn” then you have just catfished him. You can’t be out here looking like Caitlyn Jenner with the contour and Bruce Jenner when the makeup comes off. You want your man to accept you for you, you don’t want a man who only wants you after you spend 2 hours contouring the hell out of your face. A good way to avoid contouring too much is to substitute your contour for bronze. Bronze will give you a glow while making you look natural.

Mistake 2 – Wrong lip color…

I love a good lip color that pops but it has to look well with my skin. I love bold, dark colors but because my face is extremely light, I tend to stick with reds and pinks. Don’t try a new lip color on your first date. Know what works for you and stick with that. If you want to be bold, pick a good red. Men love red lipstick, it gives you major sex appeal without doing too much.

Mistake 1 -Drag lashes…

Have you ever seen a drag queens lashes? They are usually extremely long and unbelievable. Don’t let this be you. Again, men are distracted easily. Don’t let him ignore your conversation because he’s wondering if you’re going to fly away because your lashes look like bird wings. Stick to a simple, natural medium or short lash. If you have short, thin lashes like mines, go for thickness as opposed to length because it’s more believable and it stands out more. Just don’t decide to bring out the longest lashes you have because that just scares men and confuses them.

When you’re complete with you first date makeup look, it should look something like this…




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