The Trials And Tribulations Of Dating In A Pandemic Era


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Oh, the joys of being single during a global pandemic. The innate feelings of isolation and loneliness have meant that you may have now taken to talking to yourself in an effort to stay sane. You might even have a ball with a face a la Tom Hanks in Castaway to help you feel less alone. However, you don’t have to stay a lonely singleton throughout this global crisis. Instead, you can take the dating bull by the horns and become a socially distanced love seeker. Dating during a pandemic era means that you can’t enjoy those awkward silences over a candlelit dinner and you can’t shuffle up to that super cute guy in a club. You need to embrace technology like you never have before.


The Internet

The dating sites that wallow on the Internet can be pretty sordid spots. How many times have you revamped your online dating profile, putting very clearly NO THREESOME PLEASE in caps only for Joe, the sexual deviant to hit poke within thirty seconds of you going live on the dating site? Instead, you need to be more particular about the sorts of sites you list yourself on. Some sites are made with long term love and commitment in mind. If this is what you are looking for, you probably need to forego the booty call apps. Keep your eye on the prize, and if this is a husband and kids, you can still date even when a global pandemic is raging.


Social Distancing

While you might not be able to meet up with the guy that you have been messaging online, you can partake in some virtual dating. It may seem odd, but this is the go-to way of making the first face to face contact during Covid-19. Think about setting up a fun date that you can do concurrently over your camera phone. You should be getting along effortlessly and have probably discussed your hobbies. If you enjoy cooking, follow the same recipe together and enjoy a lovely meal over Zoom. Or if you prefer honing your guitar skills, have a jam session together over the virtual airwaves. These activities can break the ice and can help you get to know one another even better.


Making Contact

Before you make contact for real, you need to ensure that you are ready. Focus on yourself and consider whether you require any sexual issues counselling to put any trauma or old relationship baggage to bed. You need to ensure that you are in a good headspace to manage what may come in the future for your burgeoning relationship. When you have really got to know someone over the Internet, you might be eager to meet up for real. Your heart may skip a beat whenever you see a Whatsapp appear on your phone from your date, you might go weak at the knees at the thought of chatting on the phone with your online beau, and your pupils may dilate every time you catch a glimpse of your dates twinkly eyes. Now it’s time to self isolate for ten days, have a Covid test, ensure that you’re negative and enjoy that real-life candlelit meal that you yearn for.

Follow this simple guide and you can embark on a dating journey during this pandemic era.

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