The Break Through Your Life Deserves


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“Living a life that isn’t the one that you imagine in your head is not a life you should be living.”

Living a life that isn’t the one that you imagine in your head is not a life you should be living. We all have fantasies about how we want our life to be, and it usually involves being on a beach somewhere sipping cocktails and loving life. But that image is somewhat figurative. Many times, it’s not so much that we want the beach all the time, it’s more of us wanting what the beach represents; stress-free, happiness, and peace. But you can attain that stress-free, happy and peaceful life you’ve been yearning for right at home because you deserve it. From finding your dream job, to moving to your dream home, we all have realistic visions of what we think our life should be like. But it’s rare that we actually make moves towards them. Instead, life has us wrapped around its little finger, and we carry on doing what we’re doing for so long until breaking point. Well this article is going to try and provoke that breaking point, so that you can have the clean break your life deserves. So keep on reading, and see what you think should change.

Relationship Breaks

Relationship breaks are definitely something we can’t take lightly, and we know that some of you may be hanging onto your relationship at this very minute, trying to make things work because children are involved. Or if children aren’t involved, it’s because you’ve been together so long that the comfort is better than the heartache. But sometimes breaking up and having that clean break is the best thing for you. So if you have a look at law firms such as Brown & Dahan, LLP, you might find the starting point of your next breakthrough. Although going through the pain of separation can be such a long and hard process, it’s one that you will come out the other side, and you will find what true happiness means. Breaking up from a marriage is going to be a lot harder, but don’t be afraid to do it because of feeling like you’ll be embarrassed or you’ll be single forever. If you have done counseling, prayed hard about it, and fought as hard as you could but still, to no avail it isn’t working…unfortunately you may have to take this step. I do not condone divorce at all but if you know God never actually put your marriage together and you have always felt a lack of peace from it, it may be time to leave. 

Work Breaks

Having a break from work is not something that we can all afford, so instead we get up and do the daily grind and hate our lives. So rather than spending every day wishing that you could quit, spend every day looking for a job that you’re actually going to enjoy. Perhaps one that you have a passion for, or one that’s going to pay a little bit more. Or even if you have to drop your pay a little, you shouldn’t let money control your job if it’s going to make you miserable! Many of you have a dream in your heart but you are scared to live it. DO IT SCARED! Work your 9-5 and come home and focus on the new life you’re creating for yourself. 


Life Breaks

Sometimes you just need a break from life, and a break from life can give you that clean break to come back with a fresh mindset. The best way to do so is to get yourself on a plane, and go for a nice two week all inclusive holiday. A two week break is just the right amount of time to get your mind refreshed, and to come back with a new attitude. If that isn’t something you can afford, then plan a day just for you where you do all the things you enjoy. This could literally just be you sitting on the couch all day watching Netflix while ignoring everyone that calls. That honestly sounds like a life of break through to me. 

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