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Stop Being Afraid to Ask God For a Good Man

by Monday, November 14, 2016

I was baptized in 2014 and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I didn’t grow up in church but I always knew God had his hand on my life. I could always recognize signs that he sent when he was directing me towards my destiny. After being baptized, I began to add prayer to my daily schedule and I loved the peace I felt. But I still had issues with praying about every single aspect of my life; mainly men. I felt that God was too busy saving souls to be bothered with my love life. I couldn’t have been more wrong. God wants to be apart of every decision made in your life. Your love life is not off limits so don’t be afraid to pray about men you meet.

I learned this lesson in my last situationship. I met a guy who seemed like a great catch. He had a great job,  his own place, goals and aspirations, and no kids! Sounds like a keeper right? Well everything was good at first until the signs started rolling in. The first sign came when I asked him to attend church with me. His response was that he is a spiritual person but he doesn’t do church. At this point I should’ve run for the hills but I thought that maybe I could change his mind and later convince him. Well 5 months into the situationship, he finally admitted to me that he doesn’t really believe in God.

The next sign came when he met one of my best friends. She is very into church and I look up to her as a spiritual leader. She grew up in church and she has a wonderful relationship with God so I call her when I need prayer and scripture on certain things. When she met this guy, she hated him. I was so confused because I had never seen her be that way towards anyone. She would always say that there was just something about him that didn’t sit well with her. Again, I ignored this sign and continued seeing him.

The final sign came when all these bizarre issues began to happen in his life. First, his dad that he hadn’t seen in years died. Then the next week he got robbed. Then the last month of us dating his mom passed. I was believing all of this and being super understanding. All the while he was using this to manipulate me into feeling sorry for him so I wouldn’t walk away. The final straw came when I found out his mother never really passed away. Yep you read correctly. This fool lied about his mom dying. At that point, I could no longer believe anything he said. If you lie about your mom dying then who knows what else you’re capable of. After 10 months, I finally walked away.

I am very thankful that although I didn’t ask God his input on my situation that he still kept me. He made sure that I had warning signs although I ignored him. He also made sure that no harm came to me while in this unknowingly dangerous relationship. Like I said, if you lie about your mom dying you are capable of anything that makes him very dangerous. But what if I prayed in the beginning? If I prayed to God and asked him if I should pursue this man or not, he would’ve have told me no. But I was too busy thinking I could figure it out on my own when I had God who already knew the type of man I was dealing with. Never be afraid to ask God for a good man because when you do, he will point out the bad seeds for you. Talking to God about your love life will help you to not waste time on men he doesn’t want for you. So if you’re wondering about someone you’re dating, pray because God will reveal the answer to you. You just have to pay attention and be obedient if he says no. And if you’re single and looking, don’t be afraid to ask God to bless you with a good man because he wants you to be happy but you first need to ask him.

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  • Celia Lindsay
    November 30, 2016

    I like this story. First of all, congratulations for your Baptism !!! I got mine this past March. It was just amazing! And yeah God send big signs all the time but we keep ignoring them.. I like what you said about “talking to God will help you to not Waste Time on men he doesn’t want for you” ! It’s just what I needed to here tonight. I always ask myself why my relationships don’t last even after putting God in the center !!!
    Thank you girl for this, inspiring 🙂

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