Single & Scary: 5 Ways To Defend Yourself While Single and Living Alone


Being single has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the big disadvantages is being alone at night and for someone who is scared like me, it can get pretty interesting. Think about waking up to the sound of an intruder in your home, or even worse, seeing a shadowy figure in your bedroom, or your wig mannequin frightening you during your 3am bathroom run. Thankfully, the only thing that has actually occurred is being afraid of my wig mannequin but if we’re being honest, we have all had those “what if an intruder breaks in” thoughts.. I recently took a self-defense class after hearing about the horrific sex-traffiking events in Atlanta and I feel way less frightened with the thought of being attacked because I have tools in my brain to respond. I believe preparation can help us in all situations, including being attacked or getting startled by an intruder when you live alone. This is what inspired me to write this post. Here are 5 ways to defend yourself while single and living alone. . 

Hide: Don’t look for the intruder. Having someone in your home isn’t like the movies where you think you need to defend your home. The best thing you can do is hide from them. An intruder can be violent, so instead of searching for them, you should try to escape or hide. To figure out where you should hide is up to you. Take a good look at your home, apartment or condo. Take a look at each room and decide where a good place to hide yourself in. Is it behind your desk, in a small place in your closet or running to the bathroom for shelter? Whatever it is, try and remember it depending on where you are in your home when you hear something that doesn’t seem normal.

Escape : If you’re able to escape, similar to looking at where you would hide in a room, what about ways to escape your home or apartment in a timely manner. Are there windows you can open up from the inside out? Are there doors you can get to quickly? What about how to open something difficult if you need to get out? Put something nearby to help you complete that task because you don’t know how you’re going to react when this happens. 

Image: Brazilain Wood Depot 

Put Up Cameras : One thing that can really help keep you sleeping better at night is putting up cameras in your home or better yet, outside your home. A great idea on where to put your cameras is on your front door and your back deck area. This way, if you see the intruder trying to gain entry, you can protect yourself. I think it is good for every woman to have mace or a taser. If you don’t have those things present, just grab anything that can protect you. A lamp, keys that can be used to stab, or even a large piece of wood just hanging around ready to be used to knock somebody out. My friend recently installed a new wood deck and decided to put up a camera nearby. She used Brazilian Wood Depot who installed a new type of wood that I had never seen before called Tigerwood. This sustainable tiger decking is extremely unique color of red, copper, and rust and then black veins to mimic a tiger’s stripes. The wood she had left over would be the perfect sturdy weapon for an intruder. 

Make Sure Your Room Locks From the Inside: If you have a spot in your bedroom or separate room in your home that has a solid door which can lock from the inside and help you become easily barricade, this is what you want to do. Consider installing a deadbolt in your bedroom and or a safe room for extra security. You should also make sure you have an audible or silent panic alarm in your room that can be monitored. This alarm system may startle or deter the intruder in the first place. 

Get An Alarm System: When it comes to your safety, there is nothing you can do wrong to make sure you get a good night sleep and not worry about how to defend yourself when living alone. Choose a 24/7 monitor home security system so that alarm will sound if the home is breached and more importantly, can call 911 if you are not able to do so. If you do have a security system, test the siren and check the panic alarm so that you can count on it during an emergency. It also helps to protect you in other situations. My friend recently had a carbon monoxide scare and ADT called the fire department for her. She could’ve been home asleep while carbon monoxide filled her lungs. That could’ve totally been deadly. An alarm system is a great idea for someone single living alone. 

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