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Single and Sexy FREE New Years Fitness Challenge

by Wednesday, December 28, 2016

“Well I want to cancel your cycle of fitness failure and give you that banging body your single life deserves!”

It is about to be a new year and you have already began writing your New Year’s resolutions. At the top of that list, I am pretty sure you have lose weight somewhere in there. This is a great goal to set for yourself but the problem is, every year you set this goal you never follow through. Maybe you use time as an excuse. Or maybe you use the lack of money for a gym membership or a trainer. Well I want to cancel your cycle of fitness failure and give you that banging body your single life deserves! I am a regular, day to day, fat on the inside girl just like you so this challenge will be tough for me too. Although I am not big on fitness, I know what it takes to lose weight. All you need is direction and motivation. Join my 30-Day Fitness Challenge and you will have all of that!

The Challenge…

I discovered a free fitness website that provides a list of exercises along with meal plans. This means you don’t have to pay for anything! 100% F-R-E-E! DareBee runs completely off donations. This website is nothing short of amazing and they should really charge for their services but lucky for us, we get to take advantage of this website for free. But don’t be cheap, this site is dope so donate!!!! For this fitness challenge, I have selected the 30-Days of Change program. I chose this because it is for people like me who may not have access to the gym or a trainer but these workouts are easy enough to do but rigorous enough to get your body right. I know because I have done this program before and it works. Don’t underestimate the workouts because you will feel the burn; trust me. Click on the link and print out the daily workouts and follow them. They are easy to do but you will work!

The Diet…

This is where most of us fall off the bandwagon…the diet. Dieting SUCKS but the older we get, the more dieting matters. Back in the day, I could eat like Fat Albert, work out, and still keep a flat stomach. Now, no matter how much I workout, if I am not eating correctly I will still be fat as hell. For this reason, we have to diet! The diet plan I have selected is The Modern Hero Diet. If you click on this link, it will give you the full meal plan along with the ingredients of how to make these items. These are everyday things we eat so don’t use the “I can’t afford to eat healthy” excuse because you’re lying. This is food you probably already have in your kitchen so get your grocery list ready.

The Support…

You can have all the steps you need to get fit but if you don’t have the support, you will most likely fail yet again. Here is how to prevent falling back into that same ol fat routine.

  1. Follow @SingleWomanChronicles on Instagram and comment “I’m in” under the Single and Sexy Free New Years Fitness Challenge. Once you follow, I will follow you back. I will then create a Facebook group for everyone who says they’re in by December 31st. Here, we can motivate one another and talk about the challenges we may face. I will also yell at you if you need me to so you can put the Hershey bar down, free of charge.
  2. I will be posting my progress every single day of January using #SWCFitness and you should too. The first day will be front and side profiles of where you’re starting. This will motivate you and allow others to see your change and your journey.
  3. Every week I will post an SWC Diva to showcase your hard work! This will further motivate you to keep going because 30 days isn’t long but it can do a lot for your body.

You have the challenge, the diet, and the support so now all you need to do is say that you’re in and get that sexy body you’ve been wanting! LET’S DO IT LADIES!

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