8 Simple Steps to Increase Your Chances of Finding The One


“People want the best product in the store, make sure you sell them just that.” 

We all have things in life that we look at with great value. Everyone prioritizes each facet of life differently, but we all kind of have the same wants and needs in life. We all want to make money and have a life without financial pressure. A nice home that we can rest in each night is also of paramount importance, obviously. Following our passions and living every single day with a smile on our faces is something that every single human being on the planet craves. 


An absolutely vital part of everyday life, however, is the feeling and the need for companionship. Not everyone wants to be in a relationship – many people enjoy being single souls – but we’re a tribal species that likes being around others and in close proximity to them. We’ve all had crushes and borderline obsessions with people who we find quite lovely.


If you’re single after coming out of a relationship – or even if you’ve been single your entire life – you can feel bouts of loneliness quite frequently. While it’s not the most positive feeling in the world, it’s something that is really very popular and by no means weird. Wanting to be with someone and wanting to come home to a loving, loyal human every single day is a very common craving. One of the most annoying things about this particular craving, however, is that the more we want it, the more it feels like it’s drifting away. It’s a real mentality killer at times. 


Finding people and getting into relationships isn’t something that just happens, though. Sure, some people grow up together and feel that attraction throughout their entire lives – those instances are few and far between, however. A typical relationship is cultivated on a personal and collective level. Each individual works on themselves and then works on the potential duet as meetings move on. Becoming a more desirable person that’s ready for a relationship is almost like a skill that needs working on. 


You would probably like to find yourself settled and in love with the perfect partner, right? Well, if you’re feeling a little unsatisfied right now and don’t feel as though you’re close to finding Mr or Mrs. Right, then here are a few things you can do to boost yourself up to where you deserve to be:


Focus On Building Your Life And Your Life Alone


It’s quite the cliché that you should focus on yourself and work on making your own personal situation much better. It’s true, though. When you deviate from your own path to focus on other people – no matter what the situation – you end up going off-road a little. While a relationship and positive human contact can be very nice, it can also be a huge distraction if they’re not willing to let you continue living how you want to live – we all know a controlling person or two, don’t we? 


When you aren’t too focused on other people, they become more interested in you – you probably know all about this already. When you liked somebody in the past, and they couldn’t be bothered to talk to you, it made you want their attention even more, didn’t it? Well, focus on being on the other side and working on your own projects because that’ll make people want you a lot more than if you’re focusing on getting their attention all the time. And don’t fake it – you’ve got to really be this way inclined. 


Love Yourself A Whole Lot More Than You Already Do  


When you’re feeling confident, it’s easy to look at yourself and be very happy with the reflection. This kind of attitude doesn’t always last, though – it’s very easy to then drop off and feel a little bad again once things go a little south. The self-loving attitude needs to stay all year round. If you don’t love yourself and value yourself above all else, then why should anyone else value you at all? People want the best product in the store, make sure you sell them just that. 


Add Variety To Your Style 


Looking the same every single day isn’t exactly a huge problem, but people like variety. They become attracted to new things all of the time – they need to be excited about what they’re looking at. On a superficial and cosmetic scale, you’ll intrigue a lot more people, which is obviously good. Intrinsically and personally, however, you’ll feel a lot more confident off the back of this change. This confidence will add to your attractiveness. So, get some new clothes, look here for some fresh new glasses, change up your hair slightly, get that new tattoo you’ve been thinking about – do what you want in terms of shaking up your style!


Stop Getting Too Serious And Attached Immediately  


When you’re desperate for love, and you really want the attention of somebody you’ve been thinking lots of about, it can be very easy to become attached quickly. While it’s natural and normal, you need to do whatever you can to fight the impulsive feelings and actions that come your way. By no means should you ignore them and try to belittle the situation, of course. Simply taking things slowly and focusing on yourself (like how we mentioned at the top of this piece) will allow you to keep the fire burning. When you want them all the time, it’s easy to scare them away. Keep your cool, and you’ll be way more attractive.


Learn To Laugh At Yourself And Everything Around You  


Life has a lot of serious aspects to it, but the majority of things need to be treated lightly because we’re not going to care about them in a few years’ time. When you take absolutely every situation ultra-seriously, it can ruin the attraction someone has for you. You may come across as a bore or as someone that will just bring the atmosphere down. People like driven individuals that care about certain ideas and projects, but they also like fun people who can laugh at themselves when they mess up or look a little silly. 


Be A Positive Person Overall 


Positive people are just more attractive overall. If you view life as more fun and you live life optimistically, people are going to want to be around you. They gravitate towards people who they can see a positive future with – this goes beyond romantic feelings and into life in general. People do NOT want to be around negativity as they’ll just feel bad all of the time. 


Don’t Be Afraid Of Talking To Multiple People


When you speak to multiple interests at a time, you might feel as though you’re taking advantage of a situation. Some people feel they must be loyal to a person they’re speaking to – the truth is that you should never have to be loyal to someone you’re not actually in a committed relationship with! Speaking to many people at a time will boost your confidence in the love game. It’ll also make you more desirable as the people involved will compete for you as soon as they find out there’s some real competition! 


Don’t Chase!  


We’ve sort of touched on this before, but going after somebody never ends well. When two people naturally, organically gravitate towards one another, that’s where the best relationships are. When you’re not bothered, you get people chasing. It’s a strange way of working from the brain, but that’s how things always pan out. There’s always a leader and a follower in these kinds of instances.


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