Resist the Rebound if You Want to Find the Right Man


“But, to get cliche about it, rebounds are like a band-aid on the worst wound you’ve ever had.”

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? The guy you thought was your soulmate has left with half your heart. The only way you can think to fill that hole is by finding love again and finding it fast. At the very least, some form of romantic affection could save you from the worst of your pain, couldn’t it?

We’re not here to tell you that a rebound won’t heal that initial hurt. It probably will, or we wouldn’t all be guilty of making this mistake. But, to get cliche about it, rebounds are like a band-aid on the worst wound you’ve ever had. Not only do they fail to heal the hurt, but they leave it to get all septic and nasty. As such, you’re sure to feel worse when you finally remove them. Hence why, next time you feel the burn, you should consider the following reasons for resisting the band-aid rather than seeking that quick-fix.

You need time to process

Getting over a guy is a healing process, and it takes time. Jumping into a new relationship before you’ve healed from your last one will only lead to further injuries. Think of yourself as a sports person with a knee injury. If you don’t give yourself time off, that small strain could become a lifelong issue. Instead, take time out. Listen to yourself, and indulge in a little self-care. If you want to ease your loneliness, spend time with the non-romantic connections in your life. Family and friends are what you need, not another relationship which will put further strain on your heart.

Rebounds lead to unhealthy reliance

A rebound relationship could also turn into an unhealthy reliance. You’re with this guy because you don’t want to face the pain you’d feel without him. As such, you may grip onto him like your happiness depends on that relationship. For one, this is bad news in that it could suffocate the flames of love in the early days. Even if you manage to make a go of a heavily reliant relationship like this, you could still find yourself looking at a divorce lawyer website down the line. The fact is, reliance is never a healthy trait in relationships. You’ll pile too much pressure onto a partner who can never meet your expectations. What’s worse, you’ll feel entirely unable to cope if this relationship crumbles as well. Remember that you need to love yourself first.

Let’s not forget, either, that rebounds are usually pretty quick things. If you go out with this in mind, you’ll end up with Mr Right Now, rather than Mr Right. Consider, then, that it makes no sense to start a connection which has no chance of working. Even if he isn’t the love your life (which he won’t be), cutting ties like these can still add to your pain. Ask yourself, then, what would the point be? Many would argue that there’s no point at all.

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