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Picking a Good Man is Like Picking a Good Weave

by Friday, January 8, 2016

Picking a good man is like picking a good weave. It is pretty self-explanatory. Many of you may take this title as a joke but after reading, you will realize just how true this statement is.

The texture must be compatible

When picking a good weave, you have to get a texture that matches your hair texture. We call this compatibility. You want a man that is compatible. Too many people pick men because of emotions only to end up in a toxic relationships because they didn’t spend enough time confirming their compatibility. Same goes with a good weave. Just because you fall in love with Peruvian texture doesn’t mean it’s going to go with your African kinky roots. This is a recipe for disaster.

You must know what style you want

If you want a bone straight style, it wouldn’t be a good idea for you to purchase Brazilian curly hair. It will take way too much to maintain when you could’ve just selected Brazilian straight hair. Same goes for picking a man, what sort of relationship are you looking for? Are you looking for a one-night-stand or your future husband? If you want a husband but you find a man who only wants something casual then this will take way too much to maintain. Know what you want and select the man accordingly.

Know your price range

When picking a good weave, price does tend to correlate with quality. Your more pricey weaves are normally better and more people tend to gravitate towards those brands because higher price usually means higher quality. Before putting yourself on the market, you need to know your own price range. This translated just means know your worth. Just like people tend to gravitate towards the higher priced weaves, the same goes for you. When you know your worth is high, men recognize that and gravitate towards the quality. The more you know your worth, the more men will step up to try to afford you.

How long do you want this to last?

What type of install are you looking for? A sew-in or a quick weave? When aiming for a sew-in you want to take a little bit longer picking the hair because it has to last for at least 6 weeks and if it’s good hair you can reuse it in the future. But if you prefer a quick weave you don’t have to spend too much time contemplating your buy because it isn’t meant to last long. When picking a good man, you have to know if you want something quick or something that could last. If you want something quick, then you’re not going to waste time or energy researching the man to see if this is something that’s worth it because you’ll be in and out. But if you want something that will last, you need to dedicate time and energy into getting to know him so you know what you’re getting yourself into. No one wants to waste time or energy on something or someone they only want to use for 2-4 weeks.

Now that you’ve selected a good weave, get out there and pick a good man! Life is too short to have a bad weave. It is definitely too short to be stuck with a bad man.

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