Men Were Asked to Give Raw, Uncensored Advice to Women…Here’s What they Said

Once of my lovely Facebook friends VJ Dorsey  asked men only to give their honest advice to women. Here is what they said…


“Don’t get too comfortable”
– Leeroy Brown


“Cooking is important, if you can’t cook learn how. YouTube cookbooks and recipes do wonders. We love it when you cook for us especially if we didn’t ask.”
– Jamel Parker


” Don’t hold us to the same standards that you don’t even have for yourself “
– Ralph McShan


“Stop gossiping to your friends, family and Facebook about our business. If you have a problem I should be the first if not the only person you talk to.”
– Jamel Parker


“Be supportive and unselfish. If he’s doing something, whether new or old, don’t ask a thousand questions. Especially when they have nothing to do with the situation.”


We’re not mind readers, stop expecting us to be Mr.Cleo.
– Ralph McShan


“Remain graceful in all things and be strong enough to still need your counterparts”
Melanin Marquise


– OT Scott


“Embrace your flaws as you do you strengths”
– Ahmid ‘Asmar’ Bilal


“Talk, don’t yell”
– Joe Blunt


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