I was Afraid to Lose Him So I Prayed He’d Catch Me…


 All women have an innate gift called intuition. Many of us take this gift for granted by not trusting ourselves enough to just go with our gut feeling so we search for proof.

Beyoncé kicked off her album with an emotional ballad entitled “Pray You Catch Me”. In this song, she spoke about her emotions towards her husband when her intuition told her that he was cheating. Although she knew something was wrong, she still wanted proof so she prayed to catch him in the act along with oddly praying that she’d be caught snooping as well. For men who may be reading this and may not understand why she would want to be caught prying, let me enlighten you in the world of women. All women have an innate gift called intuition. Many of us take this gift for granted by not trusting ourselves enough to just go with our gut feeling so we search for proof. Many times when we search for proof, we already know that what we find will hurt us. Once discovered, we don’t want to bring it up to our significant other in fear that our worst nightmares will come true. So rather than bring it up, we would prefer our men catch us listening or searching so they will be forced to address the question burning inside our souls; are you cheating on me?

Beyonce Week 4

Many men are wondering why so many women, even single women, are singing along to this album as if their imaginary man is cheating on them. The answer to that is because there is a relative sentiment. Most of us women, even the single women, can understand where Bey is coming from because we have all been there. All women have felt their intuition telling them their man may be doing something wrong but we ignore it because we don’t want to let go. We try to trick ourselves into thinking that if we find something or catch them it’ll increase our chances of leaving but to no avail, once evidence is discovered we hold onto it and pray he catches us. We do it because we don’t want what we know is true to be true. We want to hold off on the obvious for so long in hopes that he will reveal his truth or address his infidelity. It is a tough spot to be in, but as women we must learn to conquer our fears and speak up.

be fearless in your single season…

One way to avoid the fear of resisting speaking on your intuition is to be fearless in your single season. When you date, you should never fear losing someone so much that you sacrifice your self-love. You must be so deep in love with yourself that you refuse to let anyone come into your space with ill intentions. You can never be afraid to walk away from a bad situation. When you see signs, because there are always signs, you need to logically consider if you really want to deal with someone who acts that way. Don’t just brush it under the rug because they make you happy most of the time, really understand your standards and boundaries in the beginning. Use your intuition to discern if this person is really what you want and need. If not, don’t be afraid to walk away. It is so much easier walking away in the beginning. It may suck because you may truly think you want a future with that person but go with your gut. You will find that you made the right decision in retrospect. In most cases, the best view is in the rearview. It is easier to walk away 5 weeks and 2 dates in rather than 5 years and 2 kids in. You don’t want to be in a situation like Bey praying you catch him listening. Be fearless in your single season because it will keep you from being fearful in a bad relationship.

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