Singleprenuer 101 with Lillie Mae


“My peace is on “do not disturb” these days, and I think as women we should all wake up to the glorious beings that we are!”

Being a creator/entrepreneur/single woman in Atlanta all at the same time requires a lot of support. It’s hard enough dealing with entrepreneurship whoas while trying to still produce content. Combining that with being single in Atlanta is like playing spades for the first time at a black family reunion; the struggle is real. This is why you need a great group of people around you and I’ve been blessed to know some amazing women. One of them is the lovely Lillie Mae of Glambitious Empowerment Brand. You may have seen her recently on a popular Netflix series. I’m happy that she has graced me with her presence on my site to drop a few gems. Without further ado, here’s what she had to say….
  • How was your experience on Love is Blind?
It was so much fun! All of the ladies got along well and the guys were fun to talk to.
  • Do you believe that you can fall in love without seeing a person?
I do believe that love is blind and my castmates are proof! Some of them fell in love and got married on the show.
  • What was the biggest lesson you learned from your experience on Love is Blind?
That great love, like every other great moment in life, is about divine timing.
  • What’s the hardest part of dating as a successful entrepreneur?
Being an entrepreneur involves a different mindset as a woman and can require a unique compatibility. For example, I would be the wife that hires a housekeeper to clean….cause ain’t nobody got time for that! I’m over here working on how to help people break generational poverty, so my conversation is different. I don’t want an ordinary partnership with a man, I want one that is ordained.  If we can’t build an empire together and leave a legacy, I’ll wait.
  • Do you think it’s harder today the more successful you are?
Honestly, I think it’s a challenge for everyone today because we are in a highly distracted generation.  I have friends (men and women) in all income brackets that feel dating is hard.
  • Do you think black women catch more slack for having financial requirements for the men we date compared to other races?
Yes! I think maybe the term “gold digger” derived from hip-hop culture and it’s been taken too far.  I see nothing wrong with people having dating preferences that include income requirements. Some men have weight and appearance requirements …. so why should a woman not be free to determine her financial preferences? Women in other cultures are actually groomed to be taken care of by their husbands, but black women are looked down upon when they want a man to simply match their own success.
  •  One of my favorite quotes is “ it’s hard to be woke” meaning the more you know yourself and what you want in a relationship, the harder it is to date. Do you believe that? 
I believe it’s a blessing to be woke! My cut-off game is so strong, now that I know my value and worth.  My peace is on “do not disturb” these days, and I think as women we should all wake up to the glorious beings that we are! You shouldn’t have to settle, deal with dating anxieties, or have to crack an equation to figure out the man you’re dealing with. What makes dating hard is trying to force/rush things …but in God’s timing it will happen without the chaos.
  • What made you write your new book Singleprenuer?
My initial 2 years of dating was terrible after my ex-fiance and I ended things. It took much solitude and self-reflection to bring me to a place of peace about it all. Through my book “Dear Singlepreneur” I share lessons from my own dating experiences to help other high-value women achieve more purpose and peace during their single season. The book is available at www.TheGlamCEO.com
  • What’s a piece of advice you’d give to a woman who is single and successful and feeling desperate to find a husband?
If God came down to give you the date and time that you would meet your husband…. the desperation would disappear immediately. You have to move like you know the date/time is inevitable, and look at this moment as the pre-marriage celebration! There are so many ways to fill your life up with other types of love and excitement by volunteering, working on your passions, going to church, spending time with family and planning fun trips with friends. (Check out my “Glow Up” book for ideas at www.TheGlamCEO.com) Keep believing that there is an abundance of great, successful, responsible men out there that desire commitment. Lastly, take a break from dating apps/social media and do more daily self-love activities like exercising to keep your vibration high!
  • What do you have coming up that we can be on the look out for?
I have two All White brunch events at Essence Festival this summer – please visit www.TheGlamCEO.com for details. Also, follow me @iamLillieMae & @GlambitiousIAM to stay connected.

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