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How to Keep Your Weave Tight When Staying the Night

by Wednesday, December 7, 2016

“Can’t catch me slipping on that walk of shame with the night before clothes on.”

When you’re single, you never really know if you’ll end up staying the night after a date or not. I can remember back in my college days always having that overnight bag in my car just in case. Can’t catch me slipping on that walk of shame with the night before clothes on. With that being said, it is important to know the proper hair procedures when staying with a guy you’re not official with yet. You don’t want to scare him away with your at home bonnet routines so read this post carefully because I am about to teach you something. I reached out to my girl K-Dot who has snatched my weave on many occasions. She has prepared the following procedures to follow when staying the night with bae, boo, boo thang, or whatever you call your future husband.

Be sure to secure your wig...If you wear wigs , make sure you secure that wig. A night cap can be unpredictable. I always think of the worst and best possible outcomes. He may have a girlfriend that may pop up and it could end in a wig tossing battle or it could be the best date ever and end with a night of hot passionate sex and you don’t want that wig falling off. You also don’t want to roll out of the wig in the middle of the night and he wakes up wondering what this puppy is doing in bed with him all the while it’s your wig.

Light on the oil…If you’re natural, this is a hard thing to do because oil is your best friend. I have extremely dry natural hair so I understand your pain. But if you may end up spending the night, be light with the oil that night.  You don’t want to lay down and leave a huge oil stain on his pillow case or sheets. It’s okay to let your soul glow but not on the linens.

Only wrap the perimeter….If you’re like me and you don’t care about impressing a man in his sleep because you’re more worried about maintaining your hair then wrap the perimeter. Tie a silk scarf around your edges like a headband but leave the back out. You will preserve those edges without fully looking like Aunt Jemima.

Be free…If you’re about that life or you have that wash and go hair, then just go to sleep without anything on your hair. I know a few chicks with that silky smooth hair that ain’t worried bout nothing just like French Montana. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice your hair for the night and be prepared to fix your hair in the morning. Some men don’t like head wraps and if you’re okay with dating a boujee man like that then so be it. You just have to bring back sleeping with your face in the pillow like you did back in the day when you had to preserve those hard french roll styles.

Thug it out…If this is someone you can see yourself with for a while you should give it to him raw. No pun intended you little freaks…wrap it up! Full head wrap, face mask or whatever you would wear when sleeping alone. He needs to see the real you early in the relationship so he is not caught off guard. If he is genuinely interested, he would accept your night regimen… and his mom probably wears a scarf so he knows the truth.

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