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How to Accept God’s No

by Tuesday, October 17, 2017

“When God says no, it isn’t because He just likes withholding blessings, it’s because He is directing your path so you can live your fullest life as He leads you to your destiny.”

So if you’re like me, you have a strong personal relationship with God. You speak to Him about your life decisions and you wait for Him to tell you the next steps of your life. Having this relationship is great because you constantly feel like you have purpose and that you’re at peace with following His will. This feeling is awesome and you feel like a kid in a candy store with all His blessings…until He tells you no. If anyone is a true follower of Christ, He has told you no on several occasions. Some no’s are easier to cope with because they’re anticipated no’s. Maybe He told you not to get a certain car because it was too much or not to take a certain job because He had better. But it’s those no’s that you weren’t expecting that really get you in your feelings.

In 2016, I invested about $4,000 in an app idea I thought was great. This year, I sat on the app because my focus was on the release of my book How to X Your Ex. Go order it now if you don’t have it, it’s awesome. Any who, a friend of mine told me about this pitch contest that would invest $25,000 in a new business. Although I didn’t want to focus on the app this year, I felt it was a great opportunity so I began to prepare to enter this contest. I did tons of online research and I went to a live pitch content so I could see what most companies look for. I was really excited once I submitted my video and I was super confident that this was my time to shine. I felt God sent that contest for me to enter because I was getting ready for my next season and I was going to flourish. Well the morning before they made the announcement for the finalists, I did my praise and worship. It was going well until I heard the song “Just Want You” by Travis Greene. The song basically says take everything God, I just want you because if it isn’t His will then it means nothing. At that moment, I began to pray because I just knew God wasn’t telling me no to this contest. Well after prayer, I got up with my answer. God told me the day before finalists were announced that I wasn’t moving on to the next round. Boy was I disappointed. I cried all day and I was so angry the next day when I saw the list and my name wasn’t on there. (Yea, I thought maybe I heard God wrong but I knew in my heart I hadn’t.) In that moment, I wanted to give up because I felt like what’s the point? Why am I trying so hard to follow His will when it comes to my career when every time I take one step, it still isn’t the step to get me to my breakthrough? Then He reminded me of every other time He had said no and what my obedience brought me.

A few years ago, I wanted to be a flight attendant really badly. This was in 2015 right after I launched this blog. I went to 3 different flight attendant interviews and didn’t get any of them. I couldn’t understand how someone with the hospitality experience I had couldn’t get hired as a flight attendant. I didn’t get what God was trying to do in that moment but looking at it 2 years later I know exactly why. After being rejected, I was hired at a college. Being at this college gave me a job where I could blog on the clock and write my book. It also allowed me to take graduate Psychology courses for free. Siting here now as a published author two months from my Master’s in Psychology, I understand why God said no to that flight attendant position; because He had other plans for my life. If I was a flight attendant, I would have never discovered my passion for helping people through Psychology. If I was a flight attendant, I wouldn’t have had time to blog. If I was a flight attendant, I wouldn’t have had time to write my first book. If I would’ve questioned God’s plan for my life and became defeated by His no, then I wouldn’t be where I am today.

When God says no, it isn’t because He just likes withholding blessings, it’s because He is directing your path so you can live your fullest life as He leads you to your destiny. Think about if God wasn’t there to tell you no to some of your horrible decisions. Where would you be? You’d probably still be in that horrible relationship or at that awful job or living in that raggedy house with the mortgage you can’t afford. I can attest to times when God told me no and I went against Him and I wasted time and energy bumping my head time and time again until I just said “God, you win. I will do it your way.” His way saves so much time, money, and heartache. Yes, the no sucks when you’re expecting a yes but just remember He is saying no for your own good, He wants to give you His best, not your best. And in those moments when you are angry at His no, remind yourself of the no’s that led you to a better situation or the times you disobeyed that led you through hell and hot water. Life isn’t easy and I know hearing His no seems unfair but I would rather hear His no than not hear Him at all.


Galatians 6:9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
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