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He’s an Asshole and You Really Want to Curse Him Out, Here’s Why You Shouldn’t…

by Thursday, December 22, 2016

Last week, I posed the question to my Facebook friends “Which is worse, to be cursed out or cut off?” Unanimously, everyone said to be cut off is way worse than being cursed out. Many times, women feel like cursing a man out when he has been an asshole hurts him. This actually does absolutely nothing. Here is why cursing him out is pointless.

He is expecting this…Men who are assholes know that they’re assholes. They have been cursed out so many times by women that they expect this. Because they expect it, they have grown numb to it. You are yelling at the top of your lungs and calling him everything but a child of God and he is just blankly staring at you because he’s used to this. Stop wasting your breath girl because being cursed out doesn’t effect him one bit.

He’s still in control…When you curse a man out, it is most likely because he did something to hurt your feelings. You opened up to him and let your emotional guard down and he did something stupid leaving your feelings hurt. He had control of your emotions so you believe that by cursing him out you’ll get control back. You’re standing up to him and telling him he can’t do that to you and get away with it.  What you don’t realize is that you’re putting more emotion into him causing him to have even more control of your emotions. Being angry requires an extreme amount of energy. Showing that anger tells that person that you still care way too much. This just lets him know that he can come back into your life if he wants because you still care. Don’t let him control your emotion, don’t curse him out.

It won’t last…Say you curse him out and you get into a yelling match because he actually does care about you. Then what? He will be angry for the moment but he will forget about you and how you argued with him by the end of the night.

Now that you know that cursing him out is pointless, then what should you do? The best way to get under anyone’s skin when they’ve hurt you is to remove yourself from the situation completely. Men respond to absence way quicker than they respond to being cursed out. I asked my Facebook followers why they felt being cut off was worse, and Tory Christopher gave the best answer.

” I dont think its a “men” thing.. its a human thing, hurts women too.. mainly because the person is forced to deal with figuring out closure for themselves which means they have to face what they did wrong.. arguments allow people to make themselves feel better by pointing out the other persons flaws.. getting cut off just leaves you to have to personally deal with what you did that caused you to get cut off, along with feeling that you werent important enough to plead your case and that the other person is in control of the situation.”

If you are looking for him to realize what he did wrong, then cursing him out is NOT the answer. Cut him off completely because you deserve better. Don’t waste your time trying to argue with him to explain why you think he’s an asshole. Just leave, he’ll realize it one day.

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