Gift Ideas for Your Almost Girlfriend


Christmas time is here and you’re not sure if you should get her a gift because technically, she isn’t your girlfriend yet. Well, if you care about her and you want to score some points, get her a gift. It doesn’t have to be a huge gift but you definitely want to get her something that says you care. I hope you have been paying attention to what she likes, the type of stuff she has at her home, or what color she wears a lot because that’ll help you tremendously in this gift selection process. This gift needs to say I care, I have been paying attention, and I will be an excellent future boyfriend.

Her favorite lipstick…If she is into makeup or you see her wearing that one color of lipstick all the time, buy her more. She will love more or even a new color. But if you aren’t creative or sure of a new color, stick with the basics. You can ask her where she gets her makeup or pay attention when she reapplies her lipstick in front of you. Lipstick sounds like something small but when you see the price of one lipstick tube from MAC makeup, you’ll realize how much of a big deal lipstick is. You don’t have to buy from MAC, you can get a nice lipstick from Sephora or one of my favorite makeup lines NYX. NYX can be found at the beauty supply store and it’s only $6. But only get NYX if you’ve seen her with this brand because if she’s a boujee girl who only wears MAC, she may be disappointed.
A massage…Buy her a gift certificate to a spa for an hour massage. Do NOT attempt to give her a massage yourself, that is not Christmas gift. That is a freaky ploy to get in her panties. Let her go to a professional for some relaxation. If you’re dating a woman who works a lot, she will really appreciate it. A good massage can go a long way.
Giftcard to her favorite store…If you really haven’t been dating too long or you have just been doing a horrible job at paying attention, get her a gift card to her favorite store. This should be easy to figure out because you could just ask. Ask her what’s her favorite place to shop then boom, you’ve got the answer. This is a super simple gesture but making the store specific will say you pay attention to something. And make sure it’s at least $25. She can buy a shirt or dress with that amount. You can go higher but make sure you start with at least a minimum of $25.
Candles from Bath & Body Works…If she is really into home decor or just really loves scents, get her a couple of candles from Bath & Body Works. They have some amazing scents and these candles are high quality. They can be a bit pricey but right now they’re most likely on sale for the holidays. And if you really like her, get her one of the holiday gift packs they offer. Bath & Body Works is a man’s saving grace for Christmas because you have so much to choose from.
Victoria secret fragrances…Every woman gets excited when they see a Victoria Secret bag so take advantage of that. Don’t buy her lingerie because she is not your girlfriend yet so she may get the wrong idea. Victoria Secret offers several fragrance sets that she would love. Pay attention to her scent before just picking any perfume. Does she smell sweet or bold? Once you figure that out, just describe the scent to the associate and ask which is the best fragrance to select.


I hope this helps you with your last minute shopping and I am sure she will love anything you pick as long as you actually put some thought into it. Remember, don’t buy her shoes or she will walk out of your life.


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