Do the Long-Term Repercussions of #Metoo Spell More Trouble for Women?


Many would argue that times have been tough for women in recent years. Since Trump came to power, it’s often seemed as though we’re living in a Margaret Atwood novel. Women don’t feel safe, and they’re worried that their rights are fading fast.

Then, the #metoo campaign rose like a Phoenix from the ashes of female rights. While some in power tried to put women down, feisty females rose up and made use of the platforms no one could take away from them. In case you’ve been on the moon; we are, of course, talking about Twitter.

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— CBS News (@CBSNews) September 10, 2018

Using the hashtag ‘metoo,’ many victims of abuse have called out their perpetrators. The most notable name on this list is Harvey Weinstein, who’s list of sexual exploits has shocked the nation. But, he’s far from the only big name to have fallen under fire. This movement has shined a worrying light on everyone from celebrities to politicians. Accusations against Junot Diaz and other prominent authors have even taken this spotlight to the literary world.

On the face of things, then, many would argue that the #metoo movement has saved women from potentially worrying times. But, not all women are 100% behind the movement. While it’s impossible to deny the benefits, many are also worried about negative implications. Some would go as far as to say that the long-term repercussions of something like this could do more harm than good. And, we’re going to look at the two main reasons they feel that way.

False accusations

False accusations are always a tricky subject. Too often, women are treated with unjust suspicion when coming forward with crimes like these. Fear here is one of the main reasons victims remain silent. But, it would be naive to assume that false accusations don’t happen. Admittedly they are rare, with only around 4% of cases ending this way. But, that 4% could become much more visible when things play out on Twitter. If an accused man clears his name through the help of a sexual assault attorney or a domestic violence lawyer, people could fast take these exceptions as a rule. In a world where women already struggle to get their voices heard, that could have negative implications many of us can’t even imagine.

Fear-based discrimination at work

Speaking of struggling to get their voices heard, women are also worried about increased discrimination in the workplace. 60% of the women asked by Vox reported concerns here. Bringing business bosses down this way leaves other males more reluctant to hire female workers. Nobody wants a lawsuit on their hands. As such, women who already struggled to secure top positions have an even tougher fight on their hands. And, that only looks set to get worse as the hashtag continues.

So, it seems #metoo is a double-edged sword. There’s no denying that it’s a crucial step for women at the moment, but shouldn’t we all take a broader view of the potential damage this could do to our futures?

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