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Detroit…Heartbreaking Film with Major Eye Candy

by Monday, July 31, 2017

Spoiler Alert: People will die in this movie, and it will make you very angry…

The movie Detroit premieres this Friday, August 4th but I had the pleasure to attend the Essence premier last Thursday. As expected, this movie was a tear jerker that touched the racial inequalities African Americans continue to deal with today. When the lights were turned on, it revealed tears from many audience members who were touched by the conclusion of the movie. This movie is based on the 1967 Detroit riots that left 43 people dead and over 1,000 people injured. During the last night of the riot, 3 black men were murdered in the Algiers motel by white officers. I won’t say more because I don’t want to ruin the movie for you. It is also a bad idea to research this movie before going because you will know who will die when you hear their names. I learned that the hard way. *Insert head slap emoji here*

Although this movie will break your heart, the good thing for the ladies is the eye candy. This movie stars Algee Smith from The New Edition Story, Jacob Latimore from Sleight, Anthony Mackie, Peyton Alex Smith from The Quad, Leon Thomas from Victorious, and more. I know this movie is very serious but I wouldn’t be doing my job as Ms.SingleWomanChronicles if I didn’t tell you about the eye candy. Although you will most likely cry, the beautiful men will ease your pain during a few parts in the movie. Men…sorry no eye candy for you but the movie is amazing and you will be proud of your black brothers.

All in all, this movie is amazing. My emotions haven’t been evoked in this way since 12 Years a Slave. Everything felt as if you were a character in the movie. I literally felt like I was in that hotel when the killings were happening. I will encourage everyone to see this movie not just to support it but also because people need to know what happened in the Algiers Motel that night. People need to understand that the Trayvon Martin and Philando Castile cases are not new, they are just now being captured due to technology. Hopefully this movie helps to get the attention of lawmakers and officers everywhere who continue to disregard the deaths of innocent black men so we can make a change and have charges drawn on these officers. You see how deep this movie is? I went from talking sexy black men to activism. Do yourself a favor and get your tickets now to see this wonderful film.

P.S. Leon Thomas gave an exclusive interview at the Atlanta premier. Check it out below.


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