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Confessions of a Married Woman: How to Get Your Man

by Monday, November 21, 2016

By: Ashlee Kelly

After dating for five years and being married for a year or so, I’m pretty much a dating and marriage expert. A guru, if you will. Due to being such a gracious person, I decided to share the tips that got me to where I am (married).

From a Childhood Friend: “College is where you’ll meet the most men in your life.” She was right, I met my husband in grad school. In contrast, you may be done with school so what’s the alternative? Go where the guys or girls are! Gym, bar, athletic event, happy hour or your local Walmart? What? I don’t know your life…

From a Hairstylist: “Don’t date your type.” 

Think about it, has dating your “type” ever worked? My husband wasn’t my type. I didn’t like the way he dressed, thought he was bit of a square and he has a large head. However, he was super funny, is the most selfless person I know (a little bit too selfless at times), and is super ambitious. Although it’s no longer a concern, his wardrobe has mostly improved and I like his head now. But, I am concerned when it’s time to start having his kids. That head size runs in his family.

From My Grandmother: “Get someone who adores you!”

My grandfather adores my grandmother so I was already familiar with this concept. My husband shares this trait. I’m not sure if there is anything he wouldn’t do for me or a day he hasn’t complimented or prayed for me. Not to mention, the times he has believed in me more than I believed in myself.

So, let’s briefly recap. Your mate is likely not sitting on your sofa, get out and meet someone! Don’t date your type, you may be missing out because you’re chasing this image of a spouse that doesn’t exist or worse, he or she is everyone’s type. Last but not least, select someone who adores you. You’ll know them shortly after you meet them. Before I started dating my husband, I thought to myself “I could marry him.” Don’t tell anyone I said that, I’m not trying to look soft.

If you need me I’ll be hanging out at, probably ranting about something. Peace!


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