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Coffee Chronicles: Smyrna’s Hip Hop Coffee Shop

by Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Last week, I kicked off a new adventure that I am pretty excited about. So for those of you who don’t know, on September the 23rd I decided to leave my full time job and pursue my passion for writing full time. So far, it is going pretty well. Since I work from home, I tend to go pretty crazy in the four walls of my apartment so I decided I should get out more. Well I went to a Black Bloggers United  meeting this past weekend and we met at a small but super dope coffee shop hidden in the crevice of midtown Atlanta. Inspired by the conversation and the fact that I absolutely love coffee, I thought to myself “How many other dope coffee shops are hidden in Atlanta?” This along with the fact that I am dying from being home so much inspired me to start this new adventure. I want to find all of those cool coffee shops in Atlanta that many may not know about. I now embark upon my new journey called #CoffeeChronicles. I will be visiting a new coffee shop in Atlanta every week and reviewing it. So if you love coffee as much as I do, you may want to subscribe now because I will have the tea about coffee. (Ha! you see what I did there. lol Sorry you guys, I’m pretty corny)

I kicked off my Journey at Rev Coffee in Smyrna, Georgia. When I pulled in I already knew I made the right decision by coming here. The look of the place is the bomb yawl. Parking is a little tricky because they had quite a bit of people inside. I thought it would be empty because it was Wednesday at 9AM but then I remembered it was the day before Thanksgiving. Any who, I entered the coffee shop and they had Chance the Rapper playing and I knew I met my coffee shop soulmate. I had to hold myself back from giving them a lil twerk. I then went to order a blueberry muffin and a caramel latte.

Rev Coffee has a huge selection. They have sausage biscuits, your typical coffee shop snacks like muffins, and an array of coffees, teas, and lattes. The price matches that of Starbucks coffee but it’s worth it because the cups are huge and they give you quite a bit of food. Since it has a lot of traffic, I wouldn’t suggest you go there if you’re planning to be in a quiet space. Although the music is soft, it’s constantly playing and people are talking while coming in and out. Speaking of the people, they are super friendly. I hate being in environments with snobby people that look their noses up at you. But it isn’t like that at Rev Coffee. You feel comfortable and like you’re not being judged. It is quite a bit of space in there as well. Great for a meeting for sharing ideas. All in all, this place is dope and I will be coming back.

Please comment what coffee shops you think I should visit below…

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