Chivalry Died When Thirsty Was Born


Although my blog is called Single Woman Chronicles, I have several male followers. These men value the opinion of a woman and they want to know a woman’s point of view. Who better to ask than little old me? (I’m done tooting my horn so back to the real issue.) One of the biggest question men have for women is why we say we want a man to be aggressive and to lead but when they do we push them away and call them thirsty. Now this is a very valid question because honestly, I don’t understand it either. Woman love to say chivalry is dead but it died when we began calling every man thirsty. Yes, I have run into some “thirsty” guys in my day but what does “thirsty” even mean? It is such a subjective term and everyone has their own meaning. My definition of thirsty is a person who just wants any and everybody no matter who, where, when, or  why. People like this think everyone is up for grabs and they have no standards and no couth. They don’t approach you with respect and they will most likely disrespect you if you reject them. They don’t care who you are or how classy you may seem, it is strength in numbers so they have to literally talk to everybody and they momma in order to see who can be the freak of the week. That’s what I call “thirsty”.

Well this new Instagram generation thinks of “thirsty” completely different from me. A man can say a woman is pretty and he’s called “thirsty”. A man can offer to buy a drink and he’s “thirsty”. A man can tap a woman on the shoulder to let her know she has tissue on her shoe and he’s “thirsty”. But what really baffles me is if a man approaches several women disrespectfully, as long as he’s cute enough and appears to have money, this new generation won’t call him “thirsty”, he is considered a good catch. It just seems like any man a chick isn’t interested in is “thirsty” nowadays and that’s just the dumbest ish ever.

So what about the men who are interested but have seen you thirstify (crucify + thirst = thirstify; keep up) every guy so now he refuses to approach you because he feels either 1) He has no chance or 2) You’re a stuck up heffa. I have had a few conversations with men about this and these are very attractive men with good jobs who want to settle down but they are afraid to be called thirsty so they just don’t approach. You can say “If he ain’t man enough to approach me then I don’t want him” but how about you work on making yourself approachable. Stop calling every man you don’t want thirsty because that’s why you’re single now. Humble yourself and understand that the reason you are getting approached so much is because you are beautiful and you have something these men want. Continuing to call all men “thirsty” will just leave you lonely and bitter because the man you want is too nervous to say something to you because you’ve insulted all the others. Recognize the difference between thirst and interest and appreciate the compliments while the come. Soon you’ll be a 40 year old lonely hoarder wishing you turned around when Tyrone told you your smile was pretty.


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