Can These Relationship Troubles Be Resolved?


It’s been said that every relationship goes through the same hurdles. It’s just a question of whether you are willing to ride the storm and put the work in to fix the situation. So, let’s look at some of the common problems you can face in a relationship and explore how you can address them. 


Infidelity is always going to be heartbreaking in a relationship. Particularly if it was completely one sided. The issue here is that the trust will be gone and this can damage you for a long time. You’ll want to lean on your partner again but it will be a massive uphill battle. As painful as it is, you need to think about why a person was unfaithful. What caused this action and will it happen again? If this is not the first time, then perhaps you should start researching divorce lawyers. If it’s the first time, then it can probably be resolved by making the right changes. 

Excessive Arguing

Disagreements occur in all relationships but they shouldn’t have to escalate to arguments each time. When you are constantly at odds with your partner, this is a red flag. It could mean you’re incompatible which won’t work for the long run. But if you believe you’re compatible, maybe it’s just that both parties aren’t good communicators. This can be worked out in couple’s therapy or counseling. But be sure to get to the root in order to make the constant arguments stop. Healthy couples can communicate their wants, needs, and issues without arguing. Be honest with yourself because most times, you already know that you guys aren’t meant to be but you’re holding on to comfort.

Lack of Vulnerability  

Do you feel like your partner is keeping you at arm length? As if trying to get them to express their emotions is like pulling teeth? This could be a sign that they aren’t emotionally available and that’s not good. When someone can’t openly express their emotions, their capacity to give love and receive love is small. This means you’ll constantly feel like you love them more because they haven’t opened their hearts fully to you. Encourage them to go to therapy so they can face the trauma keeping them from fully opening up. If they refuse, it may be time to call it quits.

No Time 

Finally, you might find that your partner is giving you any of their time. Personal and professional lives can become incredibly busy. This is certainly true. However, don’t forget that people will always choose how they spend their time. If they are not making time for you, they have decided that other things in their life can be prioritised. Some people do struggle with a healthy work-life balance. If you let them know how this is impacting you, then they might be willing to make a change. However, there’s no guarantee here. It’s possible that they are going to continue down the same path, regardless of what you say. You’ll then need to decide whether you should be spending your time on someone who wants to spend time with you. 

We hope this article has provided the additional level of context you need if you are experiencing issues in your relationship. Most problems in a relationship can be resolved. But you need to make sure that both people are willing to put the work in. If it’s going to be completely one-sided then you are always going to be wasting your time and going down a pointless road. 


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