Can the Problems In Your Relationship Be Resolved?


Looking at social media, many of us would assume that everyone in the world’s relationships are picture perfect. We see pictures of couples consistently happy, always seeming to have the best time with one another. But remember that people only post the positives of their lives on social media and this applies to relationships too. On the whole, people aren’t going to post their arguments, their disappointments and otherwise air their dirty laundry in public. So, try not to base your perceived success of your own relationship on what others are seemingly enjoying. Now, if you are experiencing a few problems, it’s time to ask yourself whether these issues can genuinely be resolved and overcome. In some cases, yes they can. Small issues can be overturned and you can continue on the path of your relationship, having a nice time and feeling happy and secure. Some issues cannot be resolved and you may find that it’s much better for you to leave the relationship and either focus on yourself or start afresh with someone new who may be a better match for you. Here are a few different things to take into consideration while taking this journey!

Unresolvable Problems

There are certain issues in relationships that shouldn’t be accepted, forgiven or put up with. These can include things like violence, abuse, manipulation or other negative behavior. People don’t change unless they take accountability first and actually want to change. It’s rare for abusers to do either and you can’t force that. Remember that, on the whole, people can only treat you the way you allow them to. If someone exhibits any of these negative behaviors, seek help and leave. There are support groups, helplines and charities out there who are dedicated to keeping you safe and helping you.


Then, there are issues that can potentially be resolved. If you want to work through these issues, therapy could be a good option to set you and your partner back on the right path. Communication can be a funny thing, but it is absolutely key in overcoming problems within relationships. Therapy can help you and your partner to talk out concerns, problems and other issues and help you to overcome them in a neutral environment. There are plenty of forms of therapy and counseling out there. It can range from counseling that addresses insecurities to sex addiction counseling that could help a partner that can’t seem to stop cheating.


If you find yourself and your partner constantly butting heads over something, it’s time to decide whether you can come to some sort of compromise. Relationships work on a give and take basis and you need to make some concessions for your partner at certain times. Maybe they have a big family event on the same day you felt like staying in and doing nothing. It’s a good idea to go to these for the sake of your relationship. Maybe you want a space to yourself while they want to be together constantly. They should compromise to give you more independence. Do your utmost to always come to a fair arrangement!

These are just a few ways to resolve problems in your relationship. Hopefully, the information comes in useful to you if you ever find yourself in need of it!

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