Behind Closed Doors: Traditional Marriage No Longer Exists?


When the topic began, the first person to ask was a woman who referred to herself as “married single”.

Last Thursday, I was delighted to be invited to a private event hosted by the lovely ladies of Behind Closed Doors. These lovely ladies host a radio show and an event called Candid Conversations. At this event, men and women from different industries and backgrounds discuss dating, relationships, and sex. It gets really intense yawl. The topic last Thursday was Dating in 2017. Since everyone resides in Atlanta, most of the answers were from the perspective of dating in a big city that values big booties and fast money.

When the topic began, the first person to ask was a woman who referred to herself as “married single”. When she said these words, everyone was confused. We asked her to explain this oxymoron because no one  understood. She stated that her and her husband were still legally married and resided under the same roof, in different bedrooms but they considered themselves single. The only reason they were still living in the same home was for the kids and to save money. This comment sparked the question “Does traditional marriage still exist?”

For me, there is no such thing as a traditional marriage. Marriage of all kinds have the same definition in my opinion. If people choose to have an “open” marriage or a “single” marriage, that’s still just a marriage to me. Now is it a marriage I would participate in? HELLS NO! But it is still a marriage nonetheless. My beliefs on marriage come from the bible. Two equally yoked people come together to become one flesh. That is how God intended it so that is the marriage I aim for in my future. Well the people on the panel had different opinions…

What shocked me most was the responses from the women. There was a young lady on the panel who said she didn’t believe in traditional marriage. She said she didn’t think two people could remain faithful to one another forever. She felt that she would cheat on her husband if she was married.

Although I don’t agree with her views, I do respect her honesty. Many women think this way and she said it spawned from her parents getting a divorce. I do believe most people who believe no one can be faithful forever are people who were hurt somewhere in their past. They no longer trust people with their hearts and it is easier to think everyone cheats than to commit to a faithful relationship and risk being hurt. Sadly, many people in our generation think this way resulting in many “open” marriages or failure to commit to anything.

As I listened to this young lady speak about how traditional marriage doesn’t exist anymore, I thought about my IG and Facebook feed. I see more marriage proposals now than I have ever seen. Could it be that the world I live in is more prone to marriage than the world she lives in? Or could it be that she has attached herself to people who support her mindset that traditional marriage doesn’t exist? We as human beings surround ourselves with people who support our way of thinking. I believe in marriage so the people around me believe in it also. I totally understand why she feels no one can be faithful but I choose positivity because I want a love who wants me forever; not someone who thinks they will cheat on me.

Well what do you think? Does “traditional” marriage still exist?

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