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Beautypreneur’s New Products Enhance Body Confidence For Women

by Thursday, November 15, 2018

“I wanted to create a way for everyone to be able to walk around in the body of their dreams.”

Licensed Esthetician and Entrepreneur, Nikki Payne, has announced a line of non-invasive products for at-home use through her fast-growing and popular body spa, Vain Bodies By Nikki.  Intended for both men and women who want to correct their problem areas on-the-go, this line of products will serve as a more accessible and affordable option for creating body confidence and esteem among clients.  “As adults, we often have busy schedules and are not always able to commit to appointments. So, with the launch of these products, I wanted to create a way for everyone to be able to walk around in the body of their dreams,” said Payne. Some highlights from the product launch include the Herbal Bath Tea, used to balance hormones, revitalize and bring comfort to female organs. The Cellulite Wrap which drains and detoxifies the body while stimulating new collagen. The Cold Shot which breaks down stubborn cellulite and firms the skin, along with the Hot Shot, created to eliminate excess fat from the body.
“One trend that I am glad to see going away is illegal injections and cosmetic surgeries performed abroad,” said Payne. “I am witnessing the trend among both men and women go back to non-invasive procedures that are much less risky,” she continued.  These products collectively work together to bring clients a more toned and refined body without the recovery process that is required after body altering surgery. To view the full line-up of products, visit
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