Atlanta Women Only Date Rappers and Ballplayers..


“Atlanta women only date rappers and ballplayers” was the response of several men when they were asked “Why is dating so hard in Atlanta?” The crazy part about this statement is that I actually agree with them to a certain extent. No, I do not think that women in Atlanta only go for rappers or athletes, but I do feel that because men think this way it has a huge effect on why dating is so difficult. In my opinion, dating for men is just as difficult as dating for women. The views are different but the level of difficulty remains the same; hard. Let’s explore each side and what makes it so tough.

MEN BE LIKE…All Atlanta women only want the dude with money. Most guys feel they have to have a nice car, a nice chain, a shirt with leather sleeves, and bottles in the club in order to impress women in this city. 

They think most women won’t even look their way if they don’t meet these requirements. Now I can understand how they came to this conclusion. Everyone watches shows like Love and Hip Hop and Basketball Wives and these shows portray women as sack chasing gold diggers with no ambitions but to be on the arm of the next Cam Newton.

Many men also run into beautiful girls in this city who only care about Instagram followers, free before midnight, and their gig at Forever 21 because they need the discount. Well news flash men…THIS IS NOT EVERY WOMAN IN ATLANTA.

Maybe you should stop going for the cute bimbo and go after a woman with strength and class.

Maybe you should screen her by the size of her ambition as opposed to the size of her ass. If men would stop generalizing Atlanta women then maybe they will see that they are pushing all the good ones away. Men have a habit of letting 1 bad apple ruin it for the entire bunch. They get played by one girl and their view for EVERY woman after that is the same. This is why dating is so hard for men. You all have categorized all women in one city now your bitter view has led you to believe that every woman in Atlanta is bad. My advice to Atlanta men is to stop with the generalizations, screen your women on their mindset and not their assets, and learn to recognize a good woman as opposed to a sack chasing thot.

WOMEN BE LIKE…Atlanta men ain’t sh**! And I definitely have to agree because it’s true! Just kidding, I won’t make this one sided but this is how the majority of single women in Atlanta feel. They feel that Atlanta men only want sex, a woman who will let him claim her child on his taxes, and more sex. Most women believe that due to such a high female to male ratio that men chase quantity versus quality and no man here wants to settle down. I can see how they would come to this conclusion when you see men like Stevie J running around. I am also sure that if you’ve been single in this city long enough you’ve dated a man or two who has wined and dined you then smashed and dashed. This could definitely lead most young ladies to believe that men in this city aren’t the best candidates for a relationship but rather a candidate to be punched multiple times in the face.

Well although there are several men here that do suck, maybe you should increase your standards and stop going for the same type of guy over and over.

As women, we are drawn to a certain type of man and once we have a type, it is hard to break. Maybe if that same type of dude you’ve been dating keeps yielding the same result leaving you with just a broken heart and an empty condom wrapper, then you should try something new. K Michelle said it best; you can’t change a man so how about you change the type of man you date. Let’s increase our standards too. So many of us are so desperate just to have a man around that we don’t even require the bare minimum! Simple things like him taking you on your first date, opening doors for you, actually saving your name as Ashleigh as opposed to “Ashleigh from the Publix”…these are things that should be required before you go telling all your friends you got a new boo and making him you MCM. My advice to Atlanta women is to set standards and STICK WITH THEM, switch up the type of man you date, and slow down before you give anyone your all.

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