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Art, Coffee, and Baby Changing Stations: Hodgepodge Coffee

by Tuesday, December 6, 2016

This week, I decided to visit Hodgepodge Coffee in East Atlanta. It is right off Moreland Avenue close to East Atlanta Village. You can’t miss it due to the edgy paintings on the building. When I entered the parking lot, I was very excited that an actual parking lot existed. Most coffee shops don’t have actual lots so I was pleasantly surprised to see dozens of parking spots. When I entered, I was very impressed by how spacious the shop was. There was an area for single sitters, a larger area for groups, and an area with couches for people who preferred a more relaxed feel. I chose to sit on the couches to get my relaxation on.

I then went to put in my normal order for a caramel macchiato with soy milk. As I waited to place my order, I noticed their food menu. They had jerk chicken yawl! I had to clutch my pearls.


Although I was impressed with the parking and the jerk chicken, I was not impressed with the staff. They seemed really blah like they didn’t care if you were a customer or not. They weren’t necessarily rude but they weren’t nice either. I had to remember the area I was in and that most people their are kinda New Yorkist with their lack of southern hospitality. So if you’re a talkative person that likes to meet random strangers at coffee shops then this shop isn’t for you. That sounded super stalkerish but I didn’t mean it that way. It is totally fine to talk to strangers at a coffee shop if you’re an adult. I still sound stalkerish but whatever.

I then went to sit on the couch and observe a bit more. The atmosphere was quiet with music playing softly so it would be a good place to be creative and get some work done. If you want your own couch space you may want to leave your home training at home and extend your feet on the couch because people will sit next to you. I had a chance to view their restrooms as well and they are extremely clean and they had a baby changing station which I thought was quite helpful. When it was time to leave, I really wanted to take a photo outside but I couldn’t find an employee who seemed approachable enough to ask so I just left. All in all, this is a pretty groovy coffee shop.

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