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A Still Married Jhene Aiko Calls Big Sean Daddy?

by Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Since the collaboration of Big Sean and Jhene Aiko on the album Twenty88, major rumors have surfaced about the two being an item. Usually, I wouldn’t have a problem with this because I think the two are very talented and would make a great couple but there’s one problem; Jhene is alleged to have an entire husband! Now I don’t condone cheating at all, whether it be a man cheating or a woman; but I definitely don’t condone it when there is a third party, who seems to be innocent in the matter, being made a fool of.

For those who don’t know, there is a producer by the name of Dot the Genius who is claiming Jhene Aiko as his wife. Vibe magazine reported  this on March 16th after the producer sent a birthday shoutout to his wife on Instagram. (This post has now been removed).


The sad thing about all of this is Jhene has kept quiet about it all. She has not confirmed her marriage to Dot the Genius throughout all of his public claims. Most would assume that it is to protect her image as an artist but I am not buying it, especially after this Twenty88 collaboration. Big Sean and Jhene got more chemistry than Dexter’s Laboratory and I can’t see any marriage lasting after this partnership.

What makes this even more shady is the Instagram video that The Shade Room released over this past weekend. In the video, Big Sean calls Jhene his “lil baby” and in response she goes to say “yes daddy” but stops when she sees the camera rolling.

#Pressplay: #BigSean #JheneAiko 👀 #BaeWatch

A video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

No one knows if the two are a couple or not or if Jhene is still married, but for Dot the Genius’ sake, I hope Jhene really is single and that Big Sean isn’t a public side dude.

What do you think? Is Jhene married and caught in a love triangle? Or has she ended her nuptials to Dot the Genius?

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