A Record Number of Women Running for Office


“Well, it is fair to say that the increase in female candidates can be attributed to the opposition to President Donald Trump…”

The Associated Press recently revealed that a record number of women are running for the US House of Representatives per annum. As per the most recent numbers, there are 309 women, both Democrats and Republicans alike, that have filed candidacy papers so that they can run for the House. This breaks the record that was set in 2012, with 298 filed back then. It is also believed that this number is only going to get bigger and bigger as the year continues. So, why are more women filing for the US House of Representatives? Let’s take a look…

Well, it is fair to say that the increase in female candidates can be attributed to the opposition to President Donald Trump, as well as being an extension of the historic Women’s March that occured after his inauguration. How can we be sure that this is the case? Well, one indication is the fact that there are a lot more Democratic female candidates running when compared to the number of Republican women. However, this is not to say that there aren’t a lot of female Republican politicians. You only need to look at the Michele Reagan campaign to see a good example of this. One woman on the other side of the spectrum, Jennifer Palmieri, has had her say on the recent surge in the number of women that are running for office.

The top aide to Hillary Clinton during her 2016 Presidential Campaign said that the success of Trump in the last election has proven two things to women, even those who did not support him:

1) We are adhering to a set of rules that are outdated, which women in business and women politicians have followed for decades. 

2) It is believed that women are only meant to go so far, and that in America, men like Trump were only meant to win.

While it is great to see more women running for office than ever before, there is no denying that when you look at the percentages, women are still far outweighed by men regarding the number of people in Congress. Currently, there are only 83 female representatives and 22 women senators out of the total 535 members, resulting in women making up less than 20 percent of all people in congress.

We can applaud the fact that there will be more women running for office than ever before this year, and this is a figure that is only going to increase as the months go on. However, there is still a long way to go if we are going to be able to get a more even share of the member seats in Congress, so let’s hope that this is a record that continues to be broken.


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