5 Ways to Create Good Consistent Content for Your Blog


The hardest part of blogging is consistently posting. Many think that if one of your posts goes viral then you’re set for life and you don’t have to post much anymore. You wish! Just like most things in life, consistency is key and to be a successful blogger, you have to provide consistent content for your blog. And the content just can’t be thrown together, this has to be well thought out content that appeals to your reader. This is a scary thing because many bloggers believe that they have to be some sort of creative super hero that has original blog ideas 7 days a week. This isn’t totally true. It helps if you do have new ideas frequently but there are other ways to keep good, but consistent material on your blog. Here are a few ways…

Take constant notes…

I try to post between 3-5 times a week and a lot of my material is original. Many ideas just pop into my head and I choose to write every single thought down. I use the Notes app on my iPhone because I never want to forget about a good idea. Your surroundings are your best inspiration so don’t think something then tell yourself you’ll remember it later. Write it down as soon as the thought comes in your head.

Use your social media…

There are constant memes and posts that come across your Facebook and Instagram timeline that can become great blog posts. Some of my best posts are inspired by something someone posted on a Facebook status or a meme I’ve seen. Someone could post something like “Why do men think sex on the first date is okay?” and I will follow that post and read all the comments. Once I have taken in all the info, I will write a post on my thoughts about the status. I will then shout that person out for being my motivation. You can do this as well.

Use Google News…

Everything you post doesn’t have to be original. You can re-blog other people’s work. You just have to make sure to list the website and title of the article you reblogged from. It’s just like writing a research paper, you’re just siting the website. On days when I am having major writers block, I will type in “dating” into Google and click news. Several articles on dating will come up and I’ll just pick one that interests me and re-blog it. Whatever your niche, you will find good articles under Google news.

Step outside of the box…

Readers like to see versatility. It is okay to post things that may not be exactly your blog niche but involves something that interests you; you just have to test the waters and see what your readers like. For example, although my blog is called Single Woman Chronicles, I don’t always post about dating and relationships. Sometimes, I may post about fitness or hair. Single women are interested in more than just dating advice, it’s just my job to post different subjects to see what they are more likely to read. Once I figure that out, then I can consistently post on that subject.

Record videos…

Even if you’re not a vlogger, it is okay to post a video every once in a while. A lot of people don’t like reading so a video here and there could peak the interest of someone who may not read much. It can also increase your Instagram and YouTube following. Videos are normally quicker to create and it gives your followers different parts of you.

I hope this helps you when you’re planning your weekly posts. Be sure to subscribe tony newsletter for more tips and new post alerts!

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