5 Things All Women Wish Men Understood


“Women work so hard to be perfect for out “Mr.Right” just to get him and realize he doesn’t know a thing about how to understand women.”

As women, we are constantly being reminded of what men want, how to keep a man, how to get a man, and blah blah blah but there are very few people telling me how to please women. Women work so hard to be perfect for out “Mr.Right” just to get him and realize he doesn’t know a thing about how to understand women. Of course there are exceptions to every rule and there are some men who actually do understand us, but that is few and far between. Most of the time, it is like pulling teeth trying to get men to understand how to meet the needs of a woman. They swear that we’re complex but we really aren’t. Just like we have to turn on more logic to understand them, they can turn on more emotion to understand us. It isn’t rocket science, it just takes a little effort. It’ll take years for me to teach a course on how to understand women, but I can give men a quick cheat sheet with five things women wish men understood.

5) We don’t want you to read our minds, we want you to pay attention…Men swear we want them to read our minds but we really don’t. We just want them to pay attention. They can tell when their favorite basketball player is off his game but can’t tell when his girlfriend is plotting his murder. It’s crazy! Most of us aren’t these emotionally unstable creatures men make us out to be. We just have our mood swings when something is off. If a woman is normally really bubbly and talkative, but one day she gets really quiet and distant, ask her what’s wrong. She will most likely say nothing. Do not get upset with this response, just respond with something like “Baby, don’t do that. I noticed that you’re not as talkative as usual, tell me what’s wrong.” She will then express herself. Most men either 1)Ignore when her mood has changed or 2) Get upset when she says nothing because he feels he isn’t a mind reader. We really don’t want you to be, we just want you to notice, ask, then be genuine and empathetic to our situation.

4)Β Showing other women attention on social media makes us feel self-conscious…This is a tricky one, and I can already feel the men rolling their eyes as they read this. But let me break this down in a way men will understand. Men are led by ego, women are led by validation/affection. If your girlfriend barely laughs at your jokes, but you take her to your boy’s house and she is laughing at all his jokes, you’re going to automatically think she secretly wants to have sex with your friend because why else would she be laughing at his jokes. This is exactly how women feel when you are constantly liking the pictures of your favorite IG model. We want to feel like we are all you want and need, it’s hard to feel that way when you’re showing more love to the chick naked and bent over than you are to us. Yes, I know this sounds immature but so does you getting upset with us laughing at your super funny friend’s joke and not the corny ones you tell.

Well guess what men, if you did what we asked the first time, we wouldn’t have to “nag”.

3) We aren’t nagging, we just hate repeating ourselves…To a man, nagging is anything you tell him more than once. Well guess what men, if you did what we asked the first time, we wouldn’t have to “nag”. How about this, when a woman asks you to do something, instead of giving the “mmm hmm” response, how about actually listening and reassuring her that you heard her. Let’s go even further, just add a reminder in your phone to do whatever she asked so you don’t forget. We hate repeating ourselves just as much as you hate hearing us speak. Just stay on top of whatever it is she is asking and reassure her that you understand and you’ll be nag free.

2)Β We can talk to our friends, but we’d rather talk to you…I can admit that sometimes, women do ask men things that make absolute no sense. Asking your man if your bra looks too tight is just foolish. But the reason we do it is because we really want to be friends with our man. We want to feel like we can talk to him about anything, even bras. I know this is really annoying most times for men, but we do it because we want to feel connected to you. Dating someone you actually have something in common with can make this situation less painful but that’s an entirely different discussion. Just understand that we know we can and should be asking our homegirl, but we would rather ask you.

1) We don’t want to argue, we just want attention…This is the one that I myself don’t even understand why we do but I know that we do this. Men, has your woman ever gotten really angry for you saying you’re going to meet up with your friends instead of hanging out with her that night? Were you extremely confused by her reaction? Guess what…she was confused too. As we know, women are emotionally led. Many times, we can’t express the proper emotion with our brains so it comes off the wrong way. This is the best example. When a woman really wants attention, she sometimes gets upset when you aren’t giving it to her. She may do stuff like come sit next to you while you’re playing the game but you’re too distracted to focus on her so then she becomes sad. Instead of expressing this sadness because she is yearning for attention, it quickly turns into anger. She may have an attitude with you when you’re done with the game or when you want to go out. Just do yourself a favor and hug her or kiss her on the cheek. Earn more cool points by inviting her to play the game with you or tell her you’re not going out with the guys because you’d rather be with her. It’s confusing but quite simple.

So men, I hope you’re thanking me for this top secret information I have just revealed to you. I’m sure women are thanking me as well. Ladies, if there is anything I left out, please respond below and let me know what you wish men understood. Be sure to comment, share, and subscribe if you enjoyed this post.


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