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5 Simple Reasons to Take a Break from Alcohol

by Friday, October 12, 2018

The idea of giving up alcohol for a while will instill one of two reactions with you: you’ll either shrug your shoulders because you don’t drink much anyway, or you’ll cry because you have a glass of wine every weekend with your friends or every night before bed to relax your nerves. The perks of cutting down or cutting out alcohol from your diet for a small amount of time can be truly staggering. And today we are going to talk about the benefits of trying this for a few weeks or even a month.


You’ll feel more confident

Confidence is a big thing when it comes to our happiness, and if you are someone who isn’t confident with the way they look and feel, using a women’s sober living program and quitting the drink can be a huge boost. When we quit drinking we are cutting down sugar levels and we end up losing weight. It will give you a new found confidence in your body which is amazing.


You can try new things

Instead of going to the same bar every weekend or sitting in at the end of the week with a bottle of wine, you can try new things. Go for an evening walk in the forest and watch the sunset, go to the movies to see something new, or try a new sport at the weekend with your friends. Replacing the time you would normally drink with other things can enrich your life and introduce you to new things.


You’ll shed the pounds

As we mentioned earlier, alcohol contains a huge amount to sugar and it will pile on the pounds for you with empty calories before you have any idea what’s going on. Drinking alcohol can make you heavier and when you quit, you will see a massive change in your weight within a few weeks. Those times you would normally be drinking can be replaced with water and you will soon notice the fat just walking away from your body.


Your skin will glow

As you may know already, alcohol is a type of depressant and it slows down our reactions times and makes it harder for us to be productive. But it also can make our skin look washed out and pale because it dehydrates the body. When you quit drinking for a while you will start to notice a much clearer face and your skin will begin to glow and shine once more. You’ll look younger and happier in no time.


You’ll have more energy

Energy is a huge thing when it comes to drinking and we all know that there is no productiveness happening after a night out on the town. If you quit drinking you will be well rested at the weekend and you’ll have much more energy to do things and make the most of your day. You won’t feel as if you have wasted a whole weekend because you haven’t done. You’ll instead be able to make more memories with the people you love the most.


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