5 Signs He Thinks You’re NOT Good Enough


“GIRL BYE! Keep lying to yourself if you want to but if he felt you were good enough to be Mrs.fu**boy then he would include you in at least one holiday. “


Have you ever heard of the phrase “out of your league”? It is normally used by men to describe a woman who is too pretty or too expensive and he has no chance of ever dating her. He feels like she will view him as not good enough to date. Although this phrase is normally used to describe women, did you know that some men may feel that they are “out of your league” as well? I have dated a couple of men who I connected very well with but for some reason, they wouldn’t take me seriously. They would take me out, introduce me to their friends, and talk to me about serious life events but no talk of a relationship. When I would attempt to bring up a relationship, they would change the subject or give me the tired “let it flow” bullshit line. After a while I realized that it wasn’t that they were taking their time to get to know me, it was that they never saw a future with me because they felt I wasn’t good enough. You see, contrary to popular belief, men have standards too but they just don’t put it out there as plain as day like women. Men will date a woman and do everything people in relationships do but will refuse to put a title on it because in their eyes, you don’t meet their standards which deems you as not good enough. If you are wondering if you may be dating a man who feels this way about you, here are 5 signs he thinks you’re NOT good enough.


5) He doesn’t talk about a future with you… You would think this one is obvious but it’s not. Many women think men who don’t open up about their future are just afraid of commitment or scared to be emotional too soon. That’s a bunch of sugar coated cow manure. If a man wants a future with you, he will talk about it to you and include you in his future. If every time you mention family or marriage he automatically changes the subject or laughs, he has no intention on making you his lady, like ever.


4) He doesn’t include you in major holidays … Has he ever purchased a Christmas gift for you? Does he invite you over for Thanksgiving dinner? Does he even mention that it’s Valentine’s Day or does he avoid it and act like he doesn’t know it’s a holiday? You’re probably rationalizing right now and saying “Well we’re not official so he doesn’t have to do those things?” GIRL BYE! Keep lying to yourself if you want to but if he felt you were good enough to be Mrs.fu**boy then he would include you in at least one holiday.


3) He says “you can leave”… Have you ever argued with him and he said something along the lines of “I mean if you don’t like it you know you can leave right?” That is a big, red flashing sign that he thinks you’re not good enough. Any man not willing to fight for you doesn’t value you or what you bring to the table.


2) He introduces you by your name only… When you are out on dates and he introduces you, he just says “This is – Insert your name here-“. So many women think just because a man is taking them out and introducing them then they must see a future with them. LIES! If there is no title attached to your introduction then you’re just the freak of the week to his friends. If he felt you were good enough, he would say “This is my boo” or “This is my lady” but to just say your name means you’re nothing to him.


1)Your happiness isn’t a priority … Now this one is about to bring perspective into someone’s life today. Are you constantly trying to prove to him how dope you are as a person? So much so that you don’t even know if you’re happy anymore because you’re so worried about if he’s happy with you? If your happiness is no longer a priority because you’re too worried about how he feels about you then baby, not only does he not think you’re good enough but you don’t even think you’re good enough.


Do any of these signs hit home for you? If the answer is yes don’t beat yourself up. You see, not everyone will see the value in you but you have to see the value in you first. Once you see it, you won’t even end up in situations like this because you will know to remove yourself because he isn’t treating you right. And forget him and his bad judgement! Move on and let him be the best thing you never had!

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