5 Date Ideas for the Single Woman on Valentine’s Day


When it comes to dating during big holidays, there can be a lot of pressure thrown into the mix. Especially when you’re single on the dreaded V Day. With Valentine’s Day coming in a few weeks, depression and sadness can begin to creep in from being single for yet another year. But who says singles can’t go on dates for V Day? 

Why not start looking at this holiday as just a way to demonstrate your affection for a very special person in your life; you! I know you think I sound corny or like some creepy lady who is preparing to marry herself but I’m totally not. I’m just a hopeless romantic who has never had a good Valentine’s Day. Every year I would sulk on my couch scrolling through social media getting sadder and sadder as I compared my lonely V Day to everyone else who seemed to be having the perfect holiday. After years of doing that, I told myself enough was enough. I refused to waste a day of love in self-pity. Nowadays, I make myself pretty and I take myself where I want to go. It’s a celebration of self-love and also a manifestation of how you plan to be treated once you do get into that relationship I’m sure you’re praying about. Here are 5 date ideas for the woman who is single on Valentine’s Day. 

  • Wine Tasting… My best friend took me to a wine tasting for my 28th birthday and it was such a great girl’s date that I took one of my close friends on her 29th birthday. I doubt couples will be tasting wine because let’s be honest, most men aren’t creative enough to think beyond a romantic dinner and flowers. There are some great spots in Atlanta and even some very affordable wine vineyards not too far outside of the city. If you don’t live here, search wine vineyards on Groupon and watch how many pop up. Make it a wine down V Day. (Yes, I’m that corny.) 


  • Stay In Think about it. This day is filled with crowded restaurants, overpriced dinners, and just a scramble of ‘what do I wear” to upstage all the people in relationships. No no, just kidding. (Or am I?) Take the stress of all of that out and enjoy a night in cooking and watching your favorite film. I love watching Waiting to Exhale or Girls Trip when I’m alone. If you don’t want to lounge around, do something productive. Clean out that closet I’ve I mean you’ve been putting off or start switching out your winter clothes for Spring. At the rate we’re going in Atlanta, Spring is basically tomorrow. But I always suggest at least 2 days a month to do nothing. No schedule, no stress, no diet restrictions… just do you boo boo. It’ll change your life, I promise. 


  • Go to Lunch at Your Favorite Restaurant…Call me typical but Benihana is my favorite restaurant for lunch. Not only is it less crowded, but the menu items are half off. You don’t have to be stuck on a waiting list with a restaurant full of lovers on Valentine’s Day. Instead, go to lunch and save money and time. You could also pick up a cutie on his lunch break. You never know when love calls. Get cute and go to lunch girl!


  • Visit a Dog or Cat Cafe… This is a new thing that is popping all across the United States. What better time to visit a cat or dog cafe when you’re feeling lonely? Not only do the animals put us in a better mood but they are super cute to interact with. My motto is all singles need a pet. You could fall in love with a fur baby and end up with the love of your life. I’m biased because I love animals more than humans so this is my ideal atmosphere to uplift my spirits. 


  • Go See a MovieThere is nothing like a good Rom Com to give you a little hope and joy. I am so happy that the new Issa Rae movie The Photograph is coming out this Valentine’s Day. You will definitely catch me in the movies with my popcorn in hand. Some people hate going to theaters but I love it. Mainly because nothing can replace movie popcorn but I digress. Treat yourself to a wonderful time at the movies and invite your friends. You don’t have to be alone just because you don’t have a romantic date. My friends and I make it a girl’s day.

All in all, Valentine’s Day is what you make it. If you care about the date because you are a hopeless romantic like myself, don’t avoid it or sulk. Enjoy this day just like you would if you were in the perfect relationship. It makes me sad when people act as if they don’t care about this day when I know deep down it’s just a defense mechanism. It’s okay to be sad that you don’t have anyone. Holidays for many people trigger feelings of loneliness and that’s okay. A great way to combat these feelings are by doing something new and shaking up the norm. Try at least one of the things I’ve listed above. I promise you it’ll change the way you look at V Day. 

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