4 Creative Hobbies for the Bored Single Woman


Chris Barbalis

With the New Year imminently approaching, you’re definitely feeling ready to make a few much needed changes to your life. Firstly you want to ensure that you are using your creative talents and abilities as much as you can. Whether you’re thinking about starting a business or simply pursuing a new creative hobby, there are so many different avenues you can follow. As a single, empowered woman, you could easily use your knowledge of fashion and style to start a blog or podcast. You could even use your innovative talents to create your own signature perfume. Take some inspiration from the following ideas and you will soon have a happy hobby to spark your creative flair.

Perfume Making

This is an innate and unique skill that not many people possess. If you have a keen sense of smell and a knack for fragrances, then becoming a perfume designer might be your calling. You can purchase all sorts of perfume supplies online from applicators, roll on bottles, and unique speciality bottles to store and organize your different creations. Whether you keep this as a hobby or you turn it into a business plan, there will always be a lot of fun to be had with this venture.

Fashion Blogging

Nowadays everywhere you turn there is a new fashion blogger on the block, but you know you could do a much better job than anybody else out there. If writing and fashion are two of your passions, then it’s a no brainer that fashion blogging should be your port of call. Start by thinking about your unique selling point, whether you specialise in shoes, makeup or jewelry. Once you have created a chic and sophisticated website, you will be able to start blogging right away!

Musical Theatre

If you’re fed up with singing in the shower and dancing in your bedroom, why not join a local musical theatre company? You can use this to meet new friends, showcase your talents and release your creative flair. Most musical theatre societies put on around five shows per year so get involved and you could be shining on stage before you know it.


There are actually so many health benefits that come hand in hand with painting. If you’re the artistic type then you might want to consider painting as your next creative hobby. Invest in some simple art supplies to get you started such as a few watercolours, some brushes and a canvas. Painting is a therapeutic hobby that can help ease anxiety for many people. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be any good at art, this could be a calming and creative hobby to get stuck into.

So if you’re sitting at home scratching your head right now, get out there and try something brand new. Whether you’re marvellous at musical theatre or you’re a perfectionist when it comes to perfume, there are so many different creative options for you to try out. As long as your new, happy hobby makes you smile, that’s all you can ever wish for. Dare to step outside of your comfort zone today and you might just find a new activity that becomes your new favorite thing to do.


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