3 Prideful Secrets About Men They Will Never Admit


Since the beginning of time, men have continuously asked the age old question “What do women want?” There have been books written, debates, and even movies dedicated to this question as if it’s some scientific equation that needs to be solved. Yes, we as women can be a bit complicated to the male species but aren’t men just as complicated? As a woman, we can’t read the male mind or know what he’ really means through his sugar coated lies. Men are constantly feeding us what we want to hear as opposed to the true, juicy facts that we actually want to know so we can win their hearts. Who am I kidding? Yes we want to win hearts but we really want to win the battle of the sexes because in this age of dating, everything is truly a game. In order to win this game, you must do your research. This is why men focus so hard on what women want. They need to shape their strategy in order to win us over. For some reason, women don’t strategize like men and this is where we fail. We must learn their likes and dislikes as much as they have attempted to learn ours. I can go on and on about this subject but I just wanted to give women a little cheat code today. Through plenty of male conversations and life experiences, I have pinpointed three prideful secrets about men they will never admit.


3) Men Don’t Like Party Girls: This may seem a bit confusing because of how many men flock to Instagram thotties but truth be told, men don’t like women who are constantly on the party scene. Even if a guy meets you at a party or if he knows you party a lot, if he chooses to commit to you, he will expect you to stop. The crazy thing about this is that he most likely won’t tell you up front. He will just throw hints like “Oh you’re going out again?” and expect you to tighten up and stay in the house. Even if he goes out a lot, he still doesn’t want you doing it. No, it isn’t fair but I’m just the messenger. No man wants a woman who is known for the party life, he just doesn’t see that as wifey material.

Why should you care? Once you do decide to settle down, you don’t want men getting the wrong idea about you because men categorize women quickly and once categorized, you’re stuck in that category. If you really want to settle down, show him that you don’t have to be out 3 days a week and you just go out occasionally. The last thing you want to do is lose a good guy because it appears that you are a party girl even if you don’t see it that way. I’m not saying to just stop going out when you meet a guy you like. I just want you to be mindful and if you get serious with him and you sense a bit of disapproval, bring it up. He will probably lie because he doesn’t want to come off as jealous but if you know him well enough then you’ll know what your next step should be.


2) Men Love Compliments: Society pushes the notion that women are compliment seekers but it is really the men. The male species love having their egos boosted and no better way than compliments. This area is tricky because they won’t tell you and they won’t ask direct questions like “baby, why don’t you compliment me?” Men prefer using reverse psychology and will down themselves in hopes that you will pick them up with a compliment. For example, he may say something like “Man I need to hit a few more reps at the gym, I’m looking a little weak.” Please don’t say “yea baby, I didn’t want to mention it but you’re right.” This will totally ruin his pride and he will have an attitude leaving you confused. You need to respond with “What?! Boy you’re crazy. You look amazing baby. If you start looking any better then I’m going to have to step my game up.” I know that was corny but it’s just an example.

Why should you care? When I began to get serious with a guy, I had no idea how much they needed compliments to feel appreciated by their woman. I would constantly slip up and tell my man that “yea, you do need to hit the gym” leaving him feeling insecure. As a woman, you can’t have your man feeling like another woman can love him more than you because it pushes him away. Just like he tells you you’re beautiful, he wants to know that you think the same about him. So notice his facial hair, his new button up, or even how strong he was when he opened that pickle jar you acted like you couldn’t open.

male friends

1)  Men Hate Male Friends: Have you ever heard women who constantly brag about how they don’t hang out with women because they can’t get along with them so they have all these male friends? If you haven’t, you’re probably her and I am about to give you a serious reality check. Men hate your kind and when they hear you say this all they hear is “I’m a whore”. Most men feel like women can’t have platonic male friends because they think your male friends want to be more than your friend. When a man really cares about you, he can’t see any other man viewing you as a friend because he thinks you’re so amazing that everyone wants you. Or he just thinks men and women can’t be platonic because he has had sex with every female friend he has ever had. Either way, men aren’t very fond of male friends. Now I am not saying that you can’t have male friends, but there must be thought into how you present them to your man. It is best to inform them of this guy friend in the beginning. Please don’t call him your brother or friend if you’ve slept with this guy. If you have been sexual with this man in the past, in the words of Plies, “Ain’t no friends bih”. Try to set up a male date so they can meet in a manly atmosphere and it should go over pretty nicely if this is truly your platonic male friend. If you care about your relationship and the friendship, you will take the proper steps and not ignore the fact that your man will mostly be very uncomfortable with you having male friends.

Why should you care? Put yourself in a man’s shoes. Most women are uncomfortable with a man having female friends so they want to know the back story and they also want to meet them. If you want your man to respect your relationship, then you must do the same. If you have a lot of male friends, ask yourself if they’re really your friend or if they are just a lot of your exes or men you used to date that you want to keep in your back pocket? If they aren’t really your friend, be prepared to cut ties when you meet a guy you truly care about. Just like you don’t want him hanging out with a dozen women he calls friends, he doesn’t want you to either.

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    I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this weeoyteisursblf or did you hire someone to do it for you?Plz reply as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. thank you

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    Some harsh realities but true lol. Great blog