10 Things a Man Can Ask a Woman Other Than “WYD?”



Let’s be honest ladies, we hate the consistent “WYD?” dead end text. We all have that one boring guy who  texts you everyday just asking “WYD?” with no follow up or intent to to ask you anything other than that. Men always say we are crazy for being annoyed by this text but it isn’t the contents of the text that annoys us, it is the expectation. If I ask someone what they are doing, I am usually asking because I want to meet up with that person or I am asking to initiate a meaningful conversation. If I ask “WYD?” and they answer “At work, bored” I am going to maybe say something funny like “Go smack your boss, make your day exciting” as a follow up just to brighten their day and let them know I texted them because I actually wanted this to be a conversation. But these “WYD?” bandits have no intent to meet up or have a meaningful conversation, they literally just want to waste your unlimited text messages by repetitively asking “WYD?” as if those are the only letters on their text keyboard. It is the most aggravating thing ever and they should all be convicted of theft because they are stealing your joy and wasting your time.

Now I am not naive, I do know why some men do it. I have had several conversations with close male friends to crack the code on this mystery and the answer has often been “because we’re bored.” There are men who send mass “WYD?” texts because they are bored. They could care less about what you are doing, they just want to pass time by wasting your time. If you’re like me, you’re not going for it. You get two strikes with me. I block people for a living and if you’re sending me the pointless “WYD?” text consistently with no follow up, you will soon have to replace me on your boredom roster because you will be blocked.

But not every guy is a “WYD?” bandit, some men just have bad conversation skills. For those men who are actually interested in a woman but you have no clue how to start an interesting conversation after “WYD?”, I am here to help you. I have listed ten questions below you can ask a woman other than “WYD?”.

1)What shows do you watch?

Most people have a tv show they love to watch. This will crack open some good conversation because she will then begin to tell you the show and then you can ask her what she thinks about it, maybe find some commonalities, and she can tell you about some episodes. If she isn’t a TV person, ask her about music and podcasts.

2) When was the last time you smiled?

Do not ask this unless you plan on sticking around and actually making her smile. If she like you, she will blush and this could start a very interesting and deep conversation. If she doesn’t like you, she’ll brush it off with a “boy you so crazy”. This will help you with the conversation plus get a gage on how interested she is.

3) What makes you unique?

Most women like to talk about themselves. This can help you get to know her better and also allow her to lead the conversation.

4) Do you think Kanye is in the sunken place?

This has been an ongoing topic for years. This is a spicy topic that can help you see how passionate she is and how well she may handle debates.

5) What did you think of Black Panther?

This is another spicy topic. Anytime I bring this movie up, it is at least a 15 minute conversation. Surprisingly, not everyone has seen it so that itself is another conversation. This is a movie that was powerful and inspirational, so many topics can derive from the mention of it.

6) What’s your favorite Beyonce record and why?

Every woman loves Beyonce. And if she doesn’t, she at least likes one of her songs. If she says Beyonce is overrated or isn’t that talented, block her now, she doesn’t love herself. But seriously, I think any icon is a good topic. You could mention 2Pac, Biggie, Prince, etc., just make it interesting.

7) Are you close to being what you wanted to be when you grew up?

This can help you get to know how ambitious she is and where she is in life. It also lets you know a person’s satisfaction level with their current life and how much accountability they take in changing it.

8) Top 5 love songs?

One of my favorite questions to ask. It really reveals where a person’s heart is and what they look for when finding love. How deep are their song choices? How old are the songs? That’ll help you understand how much love has mattered to them throughout their lifetime.

9) What are 5 things on your bucket list?

This will tell you how adventurous they are as well as if they’re a talker or a doer. How many things on their bucket list have they actually done? How close are they to doing the remaining things on the list?

10) Greatest childhood memory? 

This question can get deep so I wouldn’t jump in with this one on the first conversation but it is definitely a question that’ll help you discover some things. You can learn about their family and how they grew up but it can also open up some past pains they haven’t dealt with so be careful with this one.

For those who haven’t noticed, these questions are definitely for men who actually want to get to know the woman, not the bored man just looking for someone to text. These question will raise her expectations for you so I hope you’re ready to be consistent and follow through. Ladies, if a man is asking you discovery questions like these, then most likely he is interested so you can be a little open. I hope this helps some men out there and I also hope it exposes the “WYD” bandits so they can be blocked.

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